Top 10 Notable Delawareans of 2015

It’s the first annual Top Ten Notable Delawarean list in my new Blog….The School of Fish. Bear in mind that “notable” is not necessarily good. We’ve got Sussex county council members, a priest, a Blogger…..and ME! Hint-I’m not a good notable.

So this is my first post in the School of Fish (get it? Get it?) and it seemed as good a post as any to begin this new Blog, to be filled with my own wit and wisdom on national and Delaware politics plus a few other good writers lined up to make us smarter than we are now.

Of course there are many caveats when I come up with these top 10 Notable Delawareans of any year and let us begin by asking yon reader to see that word “notable”. Notable is defined as being worthy of note, not necessarily for goodness, kindness and love of animals. I consider a Delawarean “noteable” if they do something worthy of a mention, whether such mention is sarcastic, nonchalant or laudatory.

Thus I might not necessarily like some of my top ten notable Delawareans but I still think them notable. Oh, and did I mention….I’ve got to either know the notable Delawarean or know OF him or her. There are probably hundreds of notable Delawareans, I caution yon reader, that do not get a deserved nod from this wise Blogger because….well I don’t them or know OF them.

Yon opinions, in other words, might vary.

Number 10-Sam Wilson, Council man of Sussex county’s councilmatic district 2.

sf1.1.16notablesamwilsonSam is, as he has always been, a likeable guy, the sort who rocks on his heels to toes, hands deep in pockets, asking us what would Jesus do. He is very beloved by his constituents and served this year as the council’s VP.

A few months ago, Sam suffered a stroke.

This was all around the holidays and the county council seems to only meet once a month any more. So Sam’s recovery, and congruent absence from council voting, wasn’t that big a deal.

But now it is.

Let us state right up front that Sam is entitled to all the leave he is legally entitled to, wherever such a thing might be documented. And we’ve got that all important vote about that pending mall down near Lewes coming up and no way will the council vote on that with only four votes available. Would they?

Sam is an interesting phenomena here in that he is a notable Delawarean from his past in his service as an elected and very likeable public official to his future role as…..well we don’t know yet, do we? Will his constituents re-elect him? Can the council function fairly and as planned without one important vote to, if nothing else, break ties?
There’s lots of whispering about the Sam Wilson situation and it’s often mentioned that former councilman Vance Phillips functioned on the council after falling out of an airplane for God’s sake.

My sister suffered a debilitating stroke several years ago and I think that she’d be able to serve as a council representative. One side of her body is paralyzed and Sam has some paralysis though I’m not sure how much. Pictures of him show him smiling and vital.

Most important thing, he has to show up to vote. If he does then his constituents need to decide the future for Sam Wilson.

Number 9-Linda Creasy

Okay, so Linda is my BFF and some might call me prejudiced. Heh. But Linda IS the Secretary of the Sussex county GOP, soon to a contributor to this Blog, and damn right I consider her a notable Delawarean.

She’s worked loyally for the Sussex GOP for yea many years, does a wonderful job tracking convention attendance, taking meeting minutes, even works on the Sussex county GOP Rules Committee. I’ve watched Linda in action and no way I’d handle it all the soothing way she does before I’d be killing people.

Linda attends various conventions as an interested Conservative and attends the state GOP convention as well.

I hasten to insert here, as hastily as I can, that there are very many other folks out there volunteering their time for the Sussex/Delaware GOP, people that I see working very hard and who impress me and shame me at the same time. Linda is but one of many but maybe next year for the other hard workers.

#8-Brian Pettyjohn-Senator of Delaware Senatorial District 19-MINE!

I am constantly impressed by the efforts Senator Pettyjohn makes to keep sf1.1.15notablesenatorpettyjohnhimself out there. He is on WGMD every Wednesday along with Rep. Smyk, discussing legislative issues and taking calls. He has a Facebook page and regularly posts on it. I even heard a message on WGMD from Senator Pettyjohn wishing everyone a happy holiday season and I thought that was a great touch.

He also has been very helpful to me when I needed some legislative relief, responding quickly and kindly, God bless at times he had to be councilor. So yes, my relationship with Senator Pettyjohn is a bit personal in the interest of fair and balanced.

But beyond that, I see Pettyjohn out and about, over the air waves, on the computer, taking the calls publicly, much more than, say, Senator Ernie Lopez.

I’m jus’ sayin’.
#7-Mary Spicer-Member Exec. Committee Sussex GOP

Mary Spicer, whom I’ve known for many years now, ran against Billy Carroll and this nomination for Notable Delawarean is given, by me, for being notable for unbecoming behavior.

Now Mary ran a rollicking campaign against Billy Carroll, goodness she had them out in red shirts cheering. And she made an impressive showing, vote wise.

So she had her day. She had her vote.

So we have this big investigation as if that whole election was some kind of Watergate and on and on it went but still, Mary Spicer lost.
Since the election I have watched Mary grab the microphone from the GOP Chair, this AFTER the meeting was perfectly ended, to demand that all stop leaving and LISTEN TO HER!

Then there was the overblown little “war against women” as alleged by Mary and her crew, a silly blow up over nothing.

I will always consider Mary Spicer a really bad loser.

#6-Father Thomas Flowers-A Conservative Catholic Priest from Up North

Here is my interview of Father Tom.

It was June of the year 2015 when Father Tom showed up at my parish and well-known St. Jude the Apostle church in Lewes.

Actually, Father Tom is not the first priest from St. Jude the Apostle to be honored as a Notable Delawarean. In 2014, Father Mark Connelly died while officiating at a funeral mass of a parishioner, a most surprising death to happen right in the church in three feet in front of me, in fact.


So we welcome the new priest in town who has so far attended a Sussex GOP meeting, been on hand during the Republican debates and referred to as the Tea Party Priest.

I can personally attest to his wonderful homilies, given in a conversational tone, filled with appropriate anecdotes, humor, wisdom and interest.

#5-Chairman of the Sussex GOP-Billy Carroll

sf1.2.16notablebillycarrollThis is a risk I take here, naming Billy Carroll a Notable Delawarean so soon into his term as Chair of the Sussex GOP. Further, I asked for an interview and was never granted one so right there I got a bit of a grudge.

I nominate Carroll because he handled the infamous “Drew” report so well.

This report came as a result of an investigation by Mimi Drew to summarize some incidents involving men associated with the Sussex GOP speaking nasty about women.

First, Carroll was most gracious about the whole matter which to me was the proverbial tempest in a teapot. Carroll also handled the post Drew report with the Sussex county GOP, managing to defuse the situation over the holidays.

Here’s hoping Billy Carroll has a good year guiding the Sussex county GOP ship of state and that he will grant me an interview.

#4-Frank Knotts-Infamous Blogger Driving them all nuts

frankknottsintinfoilFrank Knotts has the “honor”, if one could call it that, of being on the Notable Delawarean list two years in a row.

If one held a gun to my head I’d assert that much of Frank’s narrative is grossly misleading, if not outright hyperbole. Some might call him a one trick pony.

Nonetheless Knotts has managed to get the Sussex GOP all tied in knots, excuse the expression, for almost a year now. And, truth be told, he writes quite well with very good documentation and research.

No matter how mad he made the Sussex GOP, there’s a place for Frank Knotts in the scheme of things and I admire how he managed to keep eyes open.

Now we’ll see how Billy Carroll handles Knotts, which should be intriguing.

#3-Lacey Lafferty-Next Governor of Delaware
I adore how the GOP elite are so terrified of Lacey Lafferty.sf1.2.16notablelaceylafferty

First, what the hell is this notion that one must be of a certain “pedigree” to run for an office as a Republican? It was this same old sniff down your noses at Christine O’Donnell and Sandra Palin. As if Mike Castle and John McCain were paragons of legislative virtue, how could their replacements be any worse?

I assert for all the world that if Lacey Lafferty gets the nomination to run representing the GOP for Governor, she will have my support and encouragement.

I’d love it if she got elected though I doubt any Republican can win this state. Still this is the year of Donald Trump so surprises are very possible.

#2-Rob Arlett-New Councilman maybe new Council President

sf1.1.16notablerobarlettI got me some elected people on my Notable Delawarean list and one of them is Rob Arlett, councilman for Sussex County’s district five and speculated to be the possible deciding vote for the mall up on Route 1. Which is a smile in that Arlett’s district has to be the furthest away from the mall’s location.

Rob is new to his position and already there’s rumors to have him run for council President. Rob says he will serve if asked. Mike Vincent is the current President of the Sussex county council but that is going to change very soon.

I consider Rob notable by his vigor for the job. Sure the cynical will say he’ll be just another politician soon enough, his enthusiasm and animation are just a newby’s thrill of power.

I don’t care what it is, I am impressed by Rob’s questions of those testifying before the council, his attempt to gather potential problems, a sort of wool-gathering noticeable to us peons who want our elected people to serve us. So I’m giving Rob a big ATTABOY and hope he knows we’re watching.

Oh, and don’t tell nobody I said this, but the old adage is right. Neither George Cole, a likeable guy, or Mike Vincent, also likable, show the enthusiasm Rob does.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

And the #1 Notable Delawarean and for No Good Reason….ME!

I absolutely do not wish to be number one on my list of notable sf1.2.16notablespatfishDelawareans of 2015 because such notoriety is based solely on being the biggest loser in Sussex County Court Houses of NO JUSTICE!

First they came and told me to tear down my fence . So I fought.

Then they yelled at me, accused me of throwing trash on “their” land. Then they took me to court. They wouldn’t tell me the rules though I begged them.

So I lost and must now tear down my fence AND pay the guy who sued me for his legal fees.


Oh no, I wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot. I was a bit of an asshole at times, I was sometimes full of myself, I thought I knew way more than I did.

But I’ll never, not ever, understand why two people with disputed property surveys can’t just stand before some magistrate somewhere and get a damn ruling.

But no, in order to win they must cheat. And so they did.

Here in Sussex County’s Superior Court of NO JUSTICE.

Complete story here.

Now I move on to the most painful of my Sussex county Court of NO JUSTICE, which would be Family Court. For my daughter got a restraining order against me, all by ambushing me, taping and recording me as she stole my furniture and accused me of poisoning her, calling up the radio station and putting it on the air waves.

Well soon this will be on Discovery, maybe Dr. Phil, but here’s the result of my mentally disabled daughter’s nut job’s foray into Sussex county’s family court of NO JUSTICE.

I am now out of her life, hooray. I graciously bowed out and even cleaned her house of two feet of dog poop after she left her two dogs alone as she went….where?

TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE SHE STAYED FOR AUGUST, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER even though I begged that Family Court magistrate in the Sussex county Family court of NO JUSTICE to allow that daughter has factitious disorder, or was addicted to sympathy and hospitals.

She has also lost custody of her daughter….a heartbreaker.

But hey, thank God we have the Sussex family court of NO JUSTICE because they sure saved the day, didn’t they, doing the bidding of a crazy women addicted to….RESTRAINING ORDERS! Do you know how much sympathy you get when you have to get a restraining order against your husband, then your mother? Be careful yon reader for daughter might get one against YOU should she need more sympathy.

No I don’t want to wave this horror all out in public BUT MY DAUGHTER DID DIDN’T SHE? It’s all a matter of public record and folks, in 2016 I am going to search everywhere but I am going to get my reputation back.

Since this humiliating incident with my daughter I have sought counseling and attending a three month course of NAMI, or the National Alliance of Mental Illness, an organization that teaches folks like me how to live with mental illness.

So I did my part.

It was the year of my humiliation but hey, a little humility won’t hurt no one. I am going to stand up proud and get my reputation back.

But NEVER in a Sussex county court of NO JUSTICE!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Starting a new year with the first Sunday political talk show post, the first county council report, some Delaware tidbits and a post in pics. We’ll be filled up, bookmark this site plus the other writers are going to be chiming in.

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  1. Billy Carroll January 4, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    Thanks for your positive comments. I am sorry that I have not called you but promise to do so this week. It will be an interesting year.

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