Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 1/6/16 Edition

Got tidbits including notes on the first meeting of the year for the Sussex county council. Can a 7 year old really commit suicide? And why Colin Bonini should NOT be Governor. Much more, come on in.

Sussex county council Meets for First Time This Year

It wasn’t much of a meeting today as of this writing but some important issues took place.

First…Sam Wilson showed up!


Sam suffered a stroke late last year. And, indeed, Sam was in a wheelchair but he sounded good and seem in full possession of his faculties.

He was also re-elected VP of the Sussex county council along with Mike Vincent being re-elected President.

The Indian River High School Soccer team was honored for its win in 2015, congratulations.


7 Year Old Committed Suicide? Say What?

First, why was the reason for Nathan’s death kept secret? I did a Blog post on this case, this after Nathan’s father was interviewed by WXDE’s Kellie Steele. And the kid’s father said NOTHING about a suicide, he just said that Nathan somehow got entwined in shower curtains and ended up dead.

From the Cape Gazette:

Three months ago, on a cloudy but mild Tuesday in September, second-grader Nathan Leppo died in a home in Oak Orchard. Only 7 years old, he was a sweet and funny child, relatives say, always ready with a hug.
But something happened that day when this young boy took his own life.
For months, the Cape Gazette has sought an explanation of how the boy died – culminating in a Freedom of Information Act request and subsequent challenge to its denial. Without saying his name, officials recently publicly confirmed a 7-year-old boy died Sept. 22 by suicide.

It’s possible for such a young child to commit suicide but it’s highly unlikely. I really wonder if the investigating authorities believe this.

Ruth King and SCAOR

This is an interesting tidbit. It seems Representative Ruth Briggs-King is no longer Chief executive of the powerful SCAOR group. Ruth represents Delaware’s 37th legislative district and rumors abound that she might run for Governor on the Republican ticket.

From the Cape Gazette:

The Sussex County Association of Realtors Board of Directors has decided to end its decade-long relationship with CEO Ruth Briggs King.
Representing SCAOR’s board, Fred Dean, the outgoing President, sent a one-sentence email to members Dec. 10, saying, “It was the decision of the current board of directors to not renew the employment agreement of the CEO which expires on Jan. 31, 2016.”
King joined SCAOR in 2005 as the executive vice president. King said her job title changed to chief executive officer after a suggestion from the national organization, but her duties remained the same.
King said her contract was not renewed because some board members were concerned about a perception that she was spending too much time on her legislative duties as state representative of the 37th District, which encompasses Georgetown east to Long Neck

Just a guess but perhaps best for King to cut these ties which might not work well with a run for the Governorship.

It’s Rent Control and Nothing Less

In the interest of fair and balanced I must insert that I was once a consultant for Tall Pines and Rehoboth Shores, both manufactured housing communities.

I know what it’s like to run a property filled with people living in homes situated on the landlord’s land.

Let us insert here that BEFORE signing that lease to situate your mobile home on someone else’s property, know that once you do this it becomes very difficult to move once the rent goes up to skyrocket limits.

And for sure every liberal that wanted to steal our gun works to create huge manufactured housing communities to control the Landlords who dare to want to get their money back for snow removal, maintenance and horrors, maybe make a profit.

So the state of Delaware has some sort of rule, just a hair short of outright rent control, that requires owners of manufactured home parks to justify their rate increases and now we have one community that managed to get it through a couple of Delaware courts of NO JUSTICE.

For there is no justice in the courts of Delaware, I assert that to the day I die.

I have no idea what a Chancery court is but I do know that the Superior Court is a court of NO JUSTICE as they have me tearing down my fence and reimbursing the guy who sued me for basically a bookkeeping error. There is NO JUSTICE in Delaware courts….I could write a book about it.

What’s intriguing about this case is that the President of this manufactured home park’s association says the Landlords, silly people, want to implement $102,000. Thus a monthly rent increase of $45.74. This is taking place in Wild Meadows Manufactured Home Community near Dover.

It’s rent control, make no mistake, and the liberals want the Landlords TO GIVE THEIR LAND TO THEM, DAMMIT!

Clue….you move on someone else’s land….well hey, put on your thinking cap and figure it out.

Coons and Surtax

So our own Senator Coons told Morning Joe that we need a surtax to pay for the war on Islam.

Say what?

I wonder the Obama administration to do this for God’s sake? Because we already pay taxes to finance wars and further, it’s not like we’re winning the war on terrorism or anything.


Lou Ann Rieley article

Well go on!

I had a chance to see Lou Ann Rieley in action and she does, indeed, have her act together.

In case yon reader didn’t know, Lou Ann is married to John Rieley, former Chair of the Sussex GOP. Her article is about how the Rieleys feed their huge family.

Article HERE

Colin Bonini and the Tax Lien

Colin Bonini is running for Governor but it seems he has some tax liens now don’t he?

I have great reservations with Bonini and now I must wonder how a sitting Senator allowed himself to get a tax lien. Because the elected elite don’t pay their tax bills, why should we?

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : A post in pics and much more. Guest Writers coming up soon.

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