The Sussex County GOP…Something’s Up and We’re Reporting It Here-The 1/12/16 Edition

The Treasurer’s gone, the new chair’s doing okay, some ED’s ejected and some background on me. That’s right ME…..the most unjustly treated human being by the Sussex county courts in Delaware.

May yon reader indulge this Blogger as decisions rain upon her. I pondered if a post about the Sussex county Republican party meetings is even worth my time (keep in mind that I MUST attend these things) and for a second or two, I even pondered taking on the job of Treasurer, as it needs one…more on this later.

But no, I am doing what I was meant to do, which is Blog even though I am old and there was no such a thing for me to aspire to as a young pup.

People need my opinion, insert wink here, and I shall so provide, free of charge.

The fact is, as trite as it might sound to the cynical, I really CARE about what happens to my country, including my state, including my county. I have descendants (yes, there’s a reason that noun is plural but what…you think I’m going to tell you everything?) that will inherit what mess we may make of things so I’m going to be a self-appointed “People’s Scribe”….no better than anyone else but pretty much as average as most people and despising a government smothering me and my descendants. Like I said, it’s a “self-appointed” title, you gotta love it.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few years writing for two other prominent Delaware Blogs. I made my mistakes but I found my identity. I love to write about ongoing events. Thus the monthly Sussex GOP meeting happened so I have some thoughts.

Same with the Delaware legislature, same with the national scene, I’m a political and news junkee and not necessarily all that proud of it. But I’m doing what I got to do.

I promise to always be fair for I consider myself a very fair person. But I’m not going to be politically corrected into cutesy words or outright lies. I have no political axe to grind other than for those descendants I spoke about.

So last year, 2015, was a big bust for the Sussex county GOP because one Blogger, one rather amazing Blogger I must add with an ironical grin filling my face, got all in the face of the Sussex GOP and every once in a while, he was right.

I speak of Frank Knotts, he of, a colorful guy with quite a history. I add here that he too put up a post about last night’s Sussex Delaware GOP meeting (1/11/16) but trust that yon reader will not see here me posting any response to Knotts’ posts. Yon reader will see here my opinion and impressions of the monthly GOP meetings and that’s pretty much it.

So enough of that, let’s review what’s going on with the Sussex county GOP.

The Treasurer, Vicky Carmean, has resigned, leaving Billy Carroll, current chair of the Sussex GOP, with the checkbook and all the bills.

There’s a story behind Vicky Carmean and dear Lord it involves men armed with machine guns trapping her into a room until the Sussex police came with a SWAT team to save the woman.

Or maybe something less dramatic than that.

Yon readers, she may have meant well, but Vicky Carmean did some very, very questionable things. No I’m not going to describe here because a)I don’t really know what she did but I know it was something and b)I understand that thing about doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

I’m thinking Vicky’s going to be back with the Sussex GOP because she did a great job handling the books.

Couple of significant actions took place last night. As to the number of Sussex GOP meetings in a year, the current plan is to continue on though March, see how it goes, then discuss the possibility of going to a quarterly meeting or other options. By the way, the meeting time has changed from beginning at 7pm until 6:30pm. Interesting in that my own church just changed the time of a lot of evening meetings to those same new times from those same old times. By me, getting home that earlier half hour means a lot to me, allows me to settle in close to 9pm, dogs let out, locks checked.

An RDC, Jordan Warfel, introduced a motion to remove 3 EDC’s (electoral district chairs) from his RD(Representative district). The Sussex GOP is divided up into Representative districts, such as RD20 is represented by Rep. Steve Smyk. Within each RD are electoral districts, such as where we vote. I’m only explaining this once so read it well yon reader.

The rule is that if an EDC misses three or more meetings he or she can then be relieved of command, so to speak, by the RD of the district. It is on the fourth meeting that the RD can ask the county party Secretary to check the record for attendance by the EDC’s. If I understand this correctly, this is all the more reason everyone needs to sign in and it’s all the more reason why the county party shouldn’t do something stupid like calling the police if someone refuses to sign in. If they refuse to sign in….SIGN IN FOR THEM!

Okay, taking breath.

The minutes of the meetings of the Sussex county GOP will soon be posted on the GOP’s web site, AFTER they are approved. Which means don’t go looking for the minutes the day after the meeting; it takes a month to get the meeting minutes approved.

14th RD, Tony Matero, gave a presentation on the plan to get out the vote (GOTV) for the upcoming very important elections. It seems like a nice plan and I do understand that awful spreadsheet thing that was such a pain. I was an Accountant and I spent so much time fooling around with that thing, provided by the state I believe, that I couldn’t get any word done.

So now they made it into a PDF file and hey, I’m getting a little older here and technology might be passing me by. But PDF files often don’t take input, I don’t think they can be sorted….well I see issues with all this but hey, only 20 phone calls a month from Feb. 1 to the primary on 4/26/16 and we can reach ALL THE REPUBLICANS IN THE COUNTY!

Or something.

I’m not trying to be dismissive here….not at all. I really liked the layout of the PDF pages and it does look like a workable plan. And kudos to Matero for a quality presentation though it was at least ten minutes too darn long.

sf1.12.16sussexgopjoandeaveroppositionNext, well I don’t know what to make of the fact that a new candidate to oppose Sussex county council’s Joan Deaver-a Democrat, and the GUY JUST GETS A QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT!

I mean, this is big news!

I chanced to introduce myself to Mark Schaeffer and managed to get a quick pic. I also am setting up an interview with Mark because guess who was knee-deep in the LAST campaign to unseat Joan Deaver? Anyway, stay in tune for this new interview.

Finally there’s the new Chair, Billy Carroll, who has YET to grant me an interview though he did send me an email promising me.

There were a couple of times that Carroll annoyed me. I began to consider that he spent entirely too much time on items. As the meeting went on I noted that when required, Billy moved things along. And one thing no one will every say about a meeting led by Billy Carroll, at least yet, is that they didn’t get a chance to speak their piece. Indeed Carroll asked on a regular time span if anyone had anything to say and in the long run that’s probably best I suppose.

I think Carroll’s going to be a good Chair for the Sussex GOP. He needs to hurry things a long just a bit more, or at least be mindful of restless attendees. And he for sure should NOT have forgotten to bring along the checkbook….makes me wonder if Carroll isn’t a bit disorganized. THAT little mistake (and I know he was very surprised at the Treasurer’s sudden resignation) tend to make it appear that something is being hidden from us.

All in all it was a good meeting. A resolution was passed asking the Sussex county Republican legislative bunch to support any action that would pull Planned Parenthood out of the budget that includes ALL the money and make it separate so funding that organization via any state funds can be voted negative without denying funding from the fire department, for example.

It probably won’t amount to much, legislatively. But unless the party takes a stand why bother meeting at all?
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Some Delaware tidbits, notes on the State of the Union address and yes I watched the Sussex county council but damn it was boring. I shall report anyway.

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