A Delawarean of Some Note is Interviewed. We Meet Bob Mitchell, candidate for Representative of Delaware’s 35th Representative District.

He’s eloquent, he wants to make things better, he’s an expert in economics. What’s not to like about Bob Mitchell, challenger to Republican incumbent Dave Wilson in the 35th district?

My first impression of Robert Mitchell, Republican candidate running against Republican incumbent Dave Wilson, current Representative of Delaware’s 35th Representative district was that he was a man with a verbal eloquence that can only serve him well should he have a future in Delaware politics.

sf1.21.16deltidbitsbobmitchellMitchell is employed in the mortgage industry by Wells Fargo, is married with two daughters and a son. He is a native Delewarean and currently leans towards Ben Carson as the Republican contender of choice as the presidential nominee.

Before going on, let us post an upcoming “Meet and Greet With Bob Mitchell”:

Friday, February 5th
At 7 P.M.
The Sam Yoder Convention Center 89 Hunting Quarter Road, Houston, DE 19954
Come join us to learn more about Bob and how you can get involved in his campaign for State Representative. This is a big undertaking and we would love to have your support and involvement.
Coffee & dessert provided.
For more information, call 302-212-6393. No RSVPs required

VoteForBobMitchell web site HERE

In keeping with his Ben Carson endorsement, Mitchell says that a doctor will concentrate on the best course of action for the patient, while a politician ignores the problem and takes the best course of action for his or her self.

As for Bob’s reasons to run, Mitchell said he needed two reasons to run for this office. First he emphasizes the sad state of affairs of Delaware’s economy. He feels that he will be an asset to the state legislature with his experience in finance. Delaware is now bearing a deficit of over 100 million, Mitchell asserts.

Second, the decision to challenge an incumbent was not an easy one, Mitchell acknowledges. David Wilson has served as a Representative for the 35th district for almost eight years and his service is appreciated. But, says Mitchell, Wilson lost a lot of his credibility when he openly endorsed Democrat Greg Fuller to replace incumbent elected Republican Cindy Green for heading the Sussex Office of Wills.  “At least anybody supporting me will be supporting a member of our own party,” Mitchell asserts.

Mitchell has little elected political experience save a brief run for the local school board. He laughs and remarks what a failure his run was but he believes that he’s learned so much over the years that he’s capable, and very willing, of serving district 35 very well.

If one Blogger’s humble opinion should matter, let me say that I was very impressed with Mitchell’s eloquence and knowledge of both local and national politics.

I too think Dave Wilson spit on all of his Republican supporters when he endorsed a member of the opposite party for a position the Republicans already held. Cindy Green won, of course, which only reflects more badly on Wilson.

Many of the local Sussex GOP were very angry at certain supporters who endorsed Jeff Christopher when he ran as a write-in against Bob Lee. And perhaps rightfully so, some would argue.

So how is this different, an elected Republican guy coming out to endorse a Democrat? I think anybody supporting Dave Wilson after that stupid stunt is not a Republican at all.

“The Republican party is not perfect. It has flaws. It’s not church, it will not save the sick . It IS the best political institution existing today,” Mitchell says, quietly but with a sincerity that shines.

Bob has quite a few bad things to say about Democrats in this day and age, asserting that this was once a vibrant and good party for opposition but is now so far left as to be unrecognizable as the political party it once was.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Bob Mitchell and, yes we do, we wish him well.

We also hear that Dave Wilson might switch parties…just a rumor but I’m throwing it out there. We just might be treated to a campaign between Wilson and Mitchell with each representing a different political party.

I think this will be one of the more intriguing local races this year.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
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NEXT : Another interview with another contender, this being Mark Schaeffer who is running to replace Democrat Joan Deaver on the Sussex county council.

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