A Delawarean of Some Note is Interviewed. We Meet Mark Schaeffer, candidate for Sussex county council replacement of Joan Deaver, Democrat .

First, Mark Schaeffer, contender for Republican primary for Sussex county’s 3rd councilmatic district, knows all about my land case. Right there he’s a winner. Second, how to really make him smile. Come meet the man.

sf1.12.16sussexgopjoandeaveroppositionMy first impression of Mark Schaeffer, a Broker for Berkshire Hathaway and candidate for Sussex county council’s 3rd councilmatic district was that he needed to smile more.

Well no that was not the first notion that popped into my head as he walked into my door for a real pleasant face-to-face interview. We had to push this interview a day forward in that Mark had to pick up his grandchild due a bomb threat the prior day. And as Mark took out his cell phone to show me a pic of said grandchild his smile grew very wide and almost blinding with the pride inside of him.

Which is not to say that Schaeffer is a grim fellow but at times he sets his jaw and gets real serious, not a bad thing but should a smile be needed find him a picture of any one of his eight grandchildren, progeny of his five children.

Mark has cast down the gauntlet for the Republican nomination to replace Sussex county council woman Joan Deaver, a Democrat for God’s sake.

Deaver is, indeed, mine own Sussex county council representative as Mark will be when he wins the position.

Mark has quite a bit of political experience, having once been Mayor of Smyrna and Little Creek-wherever that is. He was also very active in Kent County politics. Schaeffer assured me, after I quizzed him about his political experience and my queries as to why he didn’t attend more Sussex county GOP meetings, that he was likely more experienced than any who would complain, experienced in leadership, public safety and economic development.

From the CapeGazette:

Schaeffer, an associate broker at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Gallo Realty in Rehoboth Beach, has a long resume. He is a board member of West Rehoboth Community Land Trust, a member of Lightship Overfalls Foundation and Delaware Maritime Hall of Fame Committee and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes.
He served for a decade as a Delaware River and Bay Authority commissioner and has served as a member, officer or board member of numerous organizations including Governors Council on Labor, American Red Cross of Central Delaware, Central Delaware YMCA, Kent County Hospital Foundation, Kent County Board of Realtors, Smyrna Main Street Association and Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.
He served two terms as chairman of the Kent County Republican Committee and was also 33rd Representative District chairman.
He is a graduate of Dover High School and the University of Delaware. He has also completed numerous real estate courses.

He also plans to get more involved with local politics and let us hope the Sussex county GOP gets behind Mark.

As for Joan Deaver, goodness I listened to her at the county council meeting this past week and she sounded so incredibly tired. Sussex councilmatic district 3 is growing rapidly. There is another Democratic contender coming up to replace Joan and rumors of possible other Republican primary contenders.

Whatever the case, Mark Schaeffer is a serious and sincere fellow who now knows all about my fence and that’s all he need know.

And if he doesn’t appear as animated as he should be, just show Mark a picture of one of his grandchildren and see smiling sunshine fill the room.

That right there tells me a lot about the man.

We will be watching this race closely in the upcoming months.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Got a Sussex county council report combined with some cool Delaware tidbits. This past Sussex county council meeting was a most intriguing, somewhat sad, exercise in melancholia.

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