Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- the 1/28/16 Edition

It’s what I saw with mine own lying eyes that tells me more than any word said during the Sussex county council weekly meeting. Also, donut issues in Sussex county and who stole Chris Coons’ car? Stop in for smiles and wisdom.

Ben Ewing Dies

I didn’t know Ben Ewing but I am to understand he’d been a local paragon for many years.

sf1.28.16deltidbitsbenewingWhat’s really weird is that it’s not clear whether Ben was in a car or was hit head on by a road vehicle. This happened outside of his home, goodness, how sad a way for a prominent man of 85 years to meet his death.

From WBOC.com:

Police say a preliminary investigation shows 60-year-old Janet L. Bradley, of Bridgeville, was driving a 2016 Mazda CX5 westbound on Federalsburg Road just east of Barnes Road when she hit J. Benjamin “Ben” Ewing, Jr. Police say Ewing was in the westbound lane when he was hit by the Maxda’s front right bumper, throwing him onto the shoulder. Police say the Mazda continued westbound approximately 300 feet and came to a controlled stop on the shoulder.

The Sussex County Council on 1/26/16.

I usually do my posts on the Sussex county council as a completely separate post but of late the meetings have been mundane and so I incorporate my wisdom in with a Delaware Tidbit post.

Which is not to say that this past Sussex county council post was not important but come on, sewer district approvals are just not the stuff of compelling reading.

Two comments about this past Sussex county council meeting. First, there was just something strange about the requests for grants and I did do some research.

1. Town of Ocean View for the 2016 Homecoming Event
2. Liberty Day Institute to provide educational resources for students and teachers
3. Bayside Breeze Fastpitch Youth Softball for tournament expenses

4. Indian River Soccer Club for a field construction project

Let us insert here a remark that many consider this notion of grants given by elected Sussex county council members is not the most popular concept of governance here in Sussex county.

The argument is that by funding certain charitable activities and events that benefit the county, either socially or economically, is a good idea without bother of creating bulky government institutions to do the same thing.

But note that item number four was a request by the Indian River Soccer Club for a field construction project. This was a request from Rob Arlett’s council district, formerly that of councilman Vance Phillips.

I just thought it odd that Arlett requested that the vote on this request be deferred. I have never seen this happen before. In fact I messaged Rob as to why he asked for a deferral and he responded very quickly, thank you Rob, that there were details missing that had to be provided for the vote.

I then wondered, but didn’t pursue it further with Arlett, why on earth it was even put up for a vote by the county finance people if necessary details were missing?

It’s no big deal really but let us recall that Rob ran on the issue of concern about these very grants with a hint that he would work to eliminate them.

Another argument for another day but it is damn odd for a county council person to turn down money for his or her district.

The bigger drama of the day came at the time for council member comments.

Joan Deaver began the commentary and goodness it was confusing. First, Joan, honey, let Mark Schaeffer relieve you of your command and take a rest.

Which is NOT to say that at some point Deaver managed to make her point and it was a good one. Joan felt like Sussex county has become a miasma of confusing land use laws and they never seem to get resolved. She was weary of trying to explain what an “AR” (agricultural-residential) district was to constituents and expressed the need for clarity in zoning.

Sam Wilson, God bless, another council representative, then spoke up, with a bit of bravado, and complained about owning a farm and everybody in Sussex county telling you what you can and cannot do with that piece of land.

As an aside, I noted, out here in la-la land and watching this council session via Broadcast, that, at one point, Sam reached down and picked up his left arm and holding it like an inanimate object, lifted it up and placed the arm gingerly upon the council table.

Sam Wilson is paralyzed on his left side, saw it with my own eyes. And I only know anything about this, as yon reader will no doubt understand, because my sister had a massive stroke several years ago that to this day has left her unable to move anything on her left side.

Now my sister, and no doubt Sam Wilson, does function quite well without use of that left side in that the brain works very well and for the most part all biological functions do what they should do. Locomotion, unfortunately, can only be done via wheelchair no matter what promises the medicos might make.

Again, I am all for keeping the handicapped employed but I do think that Sam’s constituents should know the extent of his disability because trust that living with half your body paralyzed does come with a cost, a cost that has me wondering if Sam can do the job. However, I hasten to insert here, Vance Phillips was very hurt when an airplane he was flying crash-landed. Vance too managed to function very well but at some point his constituents voted him out.

Sam Wilson, now VP of the Sussex county council, is up for re-election this year.

This will be an interesting election.

At any rate, after Sam’s rather pathetic reply about people who would tell him how to use his land (he sounded very weak, sorry, but he did have good points, do not misconstrue), Rob Arlett bounced in and asked Todd Lawson, county administrator, to tell the world about the new and fabulous web site.

Now yon readers, the Sussex county web site is indeed, a work of art almost. One can watch many of the meetings via Internet and it is quite simple to ascertain personal property information as needed.

But that’s not what Deaver moans about and I kind of understand her. I also explained all of this to Mark Schaeffer once yon reader elects him.

Because the property laws in Sussex county are a bit of a mess and do not ever bother to obtain a legal property survey on Sussex county property….they either send out a constable to tear down your fence without bother of asking for your defense or they send you to court where you get NO JUSTICE!

There, got to get that out.

But the zoning and new builds and developments and malls and on and on and on and no one living here seems to know up from down.

Joan, I understood you and hon, you really need to rest. Let Mark take over and you and I will have lunch and talk.

OMG The Donut Connection is Leaving!

I got a Donut Connection right around the corner from me and it’s really great. But they never, EVER, do any substantial business, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

And goodness doesn’t this business have many problems?
From Delmarvanow:

Among other things, the local Donut Connection owner, as an apparent consequence, failed to pay taxes in recent times. And the family had been sued for failure to pay rent and utilities.

The Delaware Division of Revenue said four Sussex County outlets, operating under the name of Chel C Ventures, owe at least $26,320 in back taxes, according a delinquency report issued in September 2015.

A separate lawsuit against the owner resulted in an earlier court decision that awarded the plaintiff — Georgetown Properties — back rent and utility costs of $31,211, along with an estimated $1,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs.

The owner of all four Donut Connection outlets — Georgetown, Harbeson, Lewes and Milford — is listed as Charles F. Davidson and his wife, Elva. When reached by phone, Davidson did not want to discuss the closure of the doughnut shops.

“My wife and I retired and that is all I want to say,” Charles Davidson Sr. said. “I don’t want to talk about it and I do not want an article in the newspaper.”

Bring back Dunkin’ Donuts, I’m jus’ sayin’.

Pete Schwartzkopf Gets Vote of Confidence

I have no idea how the Democratic Committee works but I assume they have the same Representative Districts as the Republicans do.

So this press release by the 20th Representative Democratic Committee confuses me. Why is the 20th RD endorsing Delaware House Speaker and NOT the 14th Democratic Committee which is Schwartzkopf’s district?

The endorsement came at the Committee’s monthly meeting last week in Lewes.sf1.28.16deltidbitsschwartzkopf

Committee Chair, Joe Stormer says, “As a full time legislator in the General Assembly since his initial election in 2002, Schwartzkopf has a long history of being very responsible to the needs – public safety, job creation, economic activity and quality of life — of all of Sussex County; he went on to say that Representative Schwartzkopf is a retired Delaware State Police captain and troop commander with 25 years of service and that the 20th District Committee Members are proud to underscore the recent endorsement of Schwartkopf’s re-election bid.

Anyway, Schwartzkopf is as good a choice as any if Sussex county must tolerate Democrats.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

Coons car stolen

It is being reported on WDEL.com that Delaware Senator Chris Coons had his Ford Explorer stolen as it was being warmed up in the driveway of Cooons’ home.

sf1.26.16deltidbitschriscoonsHmmmmm. They leave this car “warming” and alone out in the driveway? And somebody managed to boom, just open the vehicle door and steal it?  Already warm inside no doubt, who wouldn’t steal it?
The vehicle has Coons stickers plastered to it in case anyone sees it.

Any vehicle riding around with Coons stickers on it will make me laugh out loud.

Coons was not home when the vehicle was stolen.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Folks I got a great post coming up about the Delaware legislature, the laws they have passed, the opinions I have….well you know the drill. Come back for legislative wisdom from the School of Fish.

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  1. taraphrase January 28, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    Arlett is a stickler for details. I like that about him.


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