With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/3/16 Edition

Odd Delaware Poet Laureate, . Much more, click in.

Bear Resident Guest at State of the Union Speech

God bless Braeden Mannering who started how own nonprofit business to deliver healthy food to the homeless.

To date, Braeden and more than 2,600 volunteers have provided over 4,500 “brown bags” of healthy food and raised more than $52,000 for hunger relief. Mannering also won the White House Healthy Lunchtime Challenge in 2013.

Mannering was seated in the box with the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden and Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President on the night of the SOTU speech.

From CBSNEWS.com:

sf1.11.16postpicskidfrom bearBraeden Mannering, 12, was inspired by attending the White House Kids’ “State Dinner” and hearing President Obama and the first lady challenge kids to make a difference.
Taking that message to heart, he started a nonprofit called Brae’s Brown Bags to provide healthy food to homeless and low-income people. He’s motivated more than 2,600 volunteers according to the White House, provided more than 4,500 “brown bags” of good food as well as raised more than $52,000 for hunger relief. The sixth grader has also joined the speaker circuit at schools, conferences and legislative sessions.

Identical Twins Named Poets Laureate of Delaware

It was on SCR 40 that the Delaware legislature named identical twins Nnamdi Chukwuocha and Al Mills as Delaware Poet(S) Laureate .

First, if they are identical twins what a hell of a difference in their names.

Even more interesting is that the one with the absurd name is a member of the Wilmington City Council.

From wilmingtonde.gov:

Wilmington City Councilman Nnamdi Chukwuocha is the son of the late William “Hicks” Anderson, a well-known and respected community advocate.
Councilman Chukwuocha was elected on November 6, 2012, as the City Council Member for the 1st Councilmanic District for the 106th City Council Session. On November 15, 2012, he was appointed by a Council Resolution to fill the vacated First District seat for the unexpired term of the 105th Council Session.
Councilman Chukwuocha is certainly no stranger to citizens of Wilmington and the tri-state area. He and his twin brother, Al, perform, tutor, mentor, are big brothers, community activists, leaders, scholars, summa cum laude grads, allies, soldiers, father-figures, artist, teachers, camp directors, counselors, historians, master social workers, brothers, friends, fathers, sons, – all of theses titles can be summed to one: The Twin Poets.

Goodness these two seem like saints. I had to get an example of their work, excerpted below.

Why I Write
Al Mills

I write for the youth
Who never laid in the grass and looked up at the clouds
For youth who hide on the inside
When the teacher asks for volunteers to read out aloud
I write for youth who ain’t never even looked up at the clouds
Without expecting to feel rain
I write for lil girls who must double dutch near bloodstains
And don’t’ know their father’s name
I write to show the youth
That there are far more important things to think and talk about
Than the beef between nas/jay z or when the new jordans coming out
I write cause I want to be more important to my son than his pokemon collection

Why I Write
Nnamdi Chukwuocha

I speak to the children
The ones you could never reach
The ones that live in the streets
The ones you pass by
And don’t even speak
Then you have the nerve
To go home and write poems about them
So I ask you
Why do you write?
See this ain’t a poem
Its my life
See my words is my work
And my work is my words
So I don’t have time for fancy wordplay
I am not that poet
Trying to shock you with metaphors
I am the one trying
To stop young boys from being locked behind metal doors
And for the little girls on my block
That don’t know their pops
That’s why I write

Well I am no poetry critic but….well I just don’t know.

Weekly Shoplifting Pic

Well I just don’t know what this is all about but it seemed like a good pic for this post in pics.



Just Because


Thanking the Delaware National Guard

Approximately 300 soldiers and airmen were called to active duty and assisted hundreds of Delawareans during the storm by aiding in evacuations, transporting health care workers, and other activities.

Governor Jack Markell recognizes the Delaware National Guard for their preparation and dedication during the recent winter storm.

Gov. Markell was joined by Representatives Bryon Short, Stephanie Bolden and Earl Jaques on Tuesday in his Wilmington Office in the Carvel State Office Building to say “thank you” to the men and woman of the Guard.

Bank Robbery Suspect

Well hey, we got shoplifters, why not bank robbers?

Police say the unknown man unsuccessfully attempted to rob the Wells Fargo located on Concord Pike in Brandywine Hundred around 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon.


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