The Sussex County GOP…Something’s Up and We’re Reporting It Here-The 2/9/16Edition

There was greatness and positivity in the 2/6/16 Sussex GOP meeting but there also were some big gaffes. At least as this Blogger sees it, click in and get the scoop.


***There are some updates to this post proceeded by ***

Okay, some preliminary notes here. First, I do not wish to harm the Sussex county GOP in any way. I have nothing but hope that this organization succeeds as I am a Republican and live in Sussex county. Duh.

But it’s time for me to step up to the plate and address some issues that concern me. HOLD ON!

It’s not all bad, there’s some really good things coming out of this organization but I’ve got some issues with Sussex GOP Chair Billy Carroll. I will be kind cause he seems to be a nice guy.

First, some tidbits from last night.

The State GOP guru of public relations, Fluharty, resigned recently. He has now been replaced by a woman from New Hampshire who worked for Kelly Ayotte. Will get name and details later.

Representative Rich Collins and Senator Bryant Richardson were both in attendance last night. Collins spoke and gave a huge tease about DNREC and how it got caught. I am going to be talking to Rep. Collins about this.

And kudos to Senator Richardson, and I did remind him that I was one of the first people to ever interview him when he began his run for the Senate. God bless he comes to the Sussex GOP meetings where we hardly ever see Senator Lopez….I’m jus’ sayin’.

The Treasurer position is open and it is upon the Chair, in this case Billy Carroll,
Two candidates for Treasurer, both from 35th I think but there’s confusion on this. But just wow, TWO people want this job? Heck, I was going to volunteer to do it myself to try and help.


***-I am told the two volunteers for Treasurer are from the 20th RD

The Republican of the Month was Armand Carreau, nominated by Miguel Pirez-Fabar, for his continued writing efforts for the conservative cause, extensive campaign research, and volunteering at GOP HQ.

All of the furniture had been rearranged for this meeting, below a pic, note how the attendees now have tables in front of them.

It would be real nice if they’d provide such tables for guests such as myself. Again, I’m jus’ sayin’

Finally, under quick items of note, recently I interviewed Bob Mitchell and Mark Schaeffer on this Blog.

Mitchell is running for Representative for the 35th district and Schaeffer is running against Sussex county council Democrat Joan Deaver. I am told that Frank Shade and Kevin Burdette, along with the two above, were at the meeting last night.

Which brings me to my first zing against Chair Billy Carroll. WHY WERE NONE OF THESE PEOPLE INTRODUCED?

Billy, it’s the job of the Sussex GOP to help people get elected. Now I’m not saying the Sussex GOP should be raising money for these people or banging on doors. But you can’t at least introduce them to the executive committee attendees?

At the very least Mark Schaeffer should have gotten some kind of nod as he is running against a Democrat, go on, even if there are concerns about appearing to endorse inter-party primary contenders..


***I am told by Bob Mitchell that Billy Carroll told him that had he known that he (Mitchell) was there he would have introduced him.  Mitchell is slated to definitely speak at the next meeting.

***Somebody on the Sussex executive council needs to remind Carroll to do this.

Another concern I have is why on earth nobody mentioned the upcoming straw poll vote scheduled at GOP headquarters.

Let us start at the beginning.

I posted about this event on this Blog post.

It was on Facebook I noted that Kelli Steele of WXDE (who writes the best social media commentary on Facebook of most anybody) posted the following:

The Sussex County GOP will hold a three day mock election “straw poll” March 29 and 30, to let Sussex Republicans have their voices be heard before the Presidential Primary in Delaware on April 26.

All registered Republican voters in Sussex County are invited and encouraged to cast a ballot. To participate, voters must come to the Sussex GOP Headquaters on East Market Street in Georgetown between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on one of the Mock Election days. Participants must provide a Voter Registration Card or other identification to verify their registration. Votes from this mock election will be counted on Friday, 1 April, and the results will be announced that afternoon at the GOP headquarters.

For those who are not Republicans, but would like to vote in this mock election and the Presidential Primary, the deadline to change your party affiliation is February 26.

If you’re NOT registered, the deadline for registering for the Presidential Primary is April 2.

Kelli was obviously quoting a Public Service Announcement but I was shocked. First there was not a single word about this on the Sussex GOP web page. Second, well I usually know everything, she says modestly, and I hadn’t heard a thing about it.

I did some querying of several Sussex GOP executive committee members and kind of figured out the problem.

It’s Billy Carroll again.

Let us state right now that I think this is really a great idea.

So if you got a great idea why not advertise it to EVERYBODY, including all the people in your own darn committee?

***I am told that Carroll mentioned a straw poll possibility at the January meeting.  The matter became murky when a PSA was sent without prior knowledge of many members of the executive committee.

***Lookit, whatever the case, things fell through the cracks.  You think my gentle criticism is bad, wait till Frank Knotts puts up his post.


Further, forgetting that confusing item because the next day I did hear WGMD radio host Duke Brooks interviewing Billy Carroll (and while Billy Carroll has promised me an interview about forever, doesn’t he go on the radio, ladidah, forget the humble Blogger?). I was happy that Billy thought it was FINALLY time to be telling the world about that which he shared with the radio stations.


Dear Lord, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Billy, please get more organized.

For I don’t believe you didn’t mention the candidates or this upcoming straw poll because you didn’t want to. I think you need to make some kind of outline of the meeting and make SURE you cover everything.

And now the praise.

I like Billy Carroll although he seems to keep avoiding giving this humble Blogger an interview when I am his friend. For the most part.

I sure don’t want him nitpicked out of that position because of silly oversights. I am asking the Sussex county GOP executive committee to help their Chair to remember things….please.

Now we get to this Get Out The Vote packet distributed last night to all RDC’s and EDC’s. I had to be sneaky about it, but I managed to get a copy of the packet.

First, a big attaboy to Phoebe Cottingham, who is current president of the Eastern Sussex Republican Club. Lady you did a terrific job, I am just so impressed.

And Cottingham not only designed the packet, she gave a great presentation to the group last night.

Congrats to Tony Matero, RD Chair of the 14th district, who has been working this thing for a while.

Finally, a big pat on the back to Billy Carroll, who led last night’s discussion very well. Proving that he can do it, but he needs to do it all the time.

Folks, this packet, and the dedication of those who created it and those who will see it through, is absolutely terrific. There is a bundle of information included and a neat and understandable way to document things.

What it is, this GOTV packet, are instructions and information for the EDC’s to use to contact people in their election district.

There are ways to document the entire call, when perhaps to give up, how to note information such as emails, etc, how to register people if not registered, how to follow up if worth the effort.

Postcards with stamps were handed out, along with this packet and I had to go home but after distributing all this stuff the RD’s were allowed to interact with the ED’s….right at the executive committee meeting….perfect timing!

***It was announced last night that Laurie Purdy signed up over five hundred people via a door-to-door campaign, which she did.  Laurie would often situate herself outside of Walmarts or other places with shoppers, which is a good idea as well.

Billy Carroll is doing a good job but sometimes he seems to lose focus.

And one more thing Mr. Carroll…..CALL ME….my number is 302-245-8188. Let’s set up an interview. I will make it a puff piece.

For now.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
NEXT : Got a Sussex county council post coming up.

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