Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 2/10/16 Edition

Delaware Animal Control update-the legislators answer me. Sussex county council intrigue with a Sam Wilson update. Much more

Dog Control issue Update

I am very grateful to Representative Earl Jaques Jr. for responding to my passion in THIS POST, about issues with the new Delaware state wide animal control system.

In fact very many of Delaware’s state Reps and Senators respond to my Blog posts and believe that I am grateful and a bit humbled. But I really only want the best for my state because….well because I live here.

I am unabashedly conservative and a Republican but many Democratic members of the Delaware legislature have contacted me over the years and have been very helpful. So while a newspaper journalist might not be so open about their ideological preferences, I can state my leaning right up front as I make no claim to impartiality.

Except for that bit about being a Delawarean and I am quite serious about that.

But not all members of the Delaware legislature have been so friendly, more below.

Rep. Jaques is from Glascow (who knew we had a place named Glascow in Delaware?) and represents Delaware representative district 27.


deltidbits2.10.16earljaquesjrSFThe state animal control agency is not an adoption organization. Your local SPCA or Humane Society and there are several other organizations that do perform those tyes of service across our state. The bill you stated deals with the law enforcement aspect, which is the same authority that the SPCA used to have prior to the state taking over animal control.


In my original post I was complaining about almost a week of non-stop reporting locally that the new Delaware Animal Control office would NOT be accepting pets that people no longer want.

I complained that this was not a good thing, that many people, faced with moving, financial issues, other dog problems, will just abandon their dogs if they can’t turn them over to the animal organization quickly and without a bunch of angst.

This makes me tell my story from 30 years ago, and Representative Jaques, your answer was timely and probably the reality. But you need another side.

I was but a mere 27 years old with a 3-year old child, newly widowed, overwhelmed as one might imagine at having lost a husband of only 39 years of age. We had a dog, then 14 years old, yes he was old, a sweet dog that my deceased husband cared for.

He was a huge Alaskan Husky and folks I just could not care for him. Bearing in mind that this was almost 30 years ago and in Anne Arundel county Maryland if there were rescue organizations you can believe this confused and terrified young widow had no idea where or what.

What we DID have, and I know this because husband and I got that Alaskan husky at the Anne Arundel Animal Control shelter, along with a few other dogs through our years, some cats.

I had to take that husky, with a heavy heart, to that same office of Animal Control that we’d got him from almost ten years prior. They took him back after whispering that he probably would not be adopted, did I know that?

Lookit, the dog was 14 years old. While at that time he was old but fairly healthy, he did not have much longer to live. And like I said, I could not, simply could NOT, care for him and my orphaned 3 year old, keep up a job and live some kind of life. I knew the woman was telling me, kindly, that the dog would probably be put to sleep.

I wasn’t happy about it but hey, I didn’t just abandon the dog by the roadside or in the woods. He’d had a long life and it was my last option.

I suppose I could have him put down by a Vet but first, that costs money which I did not have and second, I’m not sure if I took a dog, ladida, to a Vet and told them to put it down that they would do such a thing, even if I had money.

Point being, in Anne Arundel county Maryland, some 30 years ago, I was not instructed by the animal control people to go find a rescue organization, that I couldn’t leave my dog with them, yada, yada.

Anne Arundel county Maryland is hardly any bastion of wealth. But some 30 years ago they had a great animal control system that Delaware does NOT have and even with Delaware assuming a state control of animals, I guarantee you if it becomes too difficult to get rid of a pet no longer wanted we will be besieged with loose and abandoned animals.

For even if those who would deliberately leave their pets behind, or toss them along the road side, are crapturd people, it’s not that poor dog’s fault. And a dog put humanely to sleep is much better off than dying a slow death by starvation.

So I ask Rep. Jaques to please check in some more since he took the time to answer me so kindly, and address my concerns. Because just because there are volunteer rescue organizations that “might” take a pet no longer wanted, they are not obligated. Such obligations, however unsavory they may be, are the responsibility of the state.

Paul Baumbach

I can understand not wanting a bunch of email from jerks such as myself out here writing about stuff done in my state legislation, goodness people like me should be put to death.

Much less bothering these same state legislators with questions/concerns about what they are doing to control our lives.

Seems to me that a simple delete of an unwanted email should be enough but Representative Baumbach of District 23 took the time to specificly ask me to remove him from my email list.

Indeed I do send an email with only the link and only to my Blog post on the actions of the Delaware state legislature to all the Representatives and Senators in that legislature.

An argument could even be made that my tax dollars pay for those emails as they are plainly published on the Delaware legislature web site.

I think for a state legislator to ask a citizen to stop contacting them, for any reason frankly, is snotty and in poor taste.

Let us all raise a toast to Representative Paul Baumbach and say a prayer to the citizens of district 23 that they do not bother the man.

From: Baumbach, Paul (LegHall) (LegHall) <Paul.Baumbach@state.de.us> To: Pat Fish <patfish1@aol.com> Sent: Mon, Feb 8, 2016 6:11 pm
Subject: Re:

#AOLMsgPart_2_798487f7-41f1-4552-8912-f9c2fac8c12a td{color: black;} .aolReplacedBody p { margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; }

​please remove me from your e-distribution list. thank you very much

The Sussex County Council Meeting on 2/9/16

Not too much going on with the Sussex county council but a couple of intriguing items.

In THIS POST made recently regarding the Sussex county council, I saw, over the Internet video, Councilman Sam Wilson lift his left arm with his right hand and place it upon the council table.

Now what’s significant about what I plainly saw is that Wilson recently suffered a stroke and Wilson is up for election this year.

Bearing in mind, and which I clearly stated, that a person recovering from a stroke can live a full and productive life but with Sam Wilson it wasn’t made clear, or at least I wasn’t aware, of how extensive the stroke damaged his mobility.

HOWEVER, I was looking in during this past meeting and saw, very plainly and Sam, if you were doing it for my benefit, it worked….but Sam was lifting BOTH of his arms, on their own, and moving them all about, to the left, to the right, cradling his head.

So it appears that Sam did NOT suffer a full paralysis of his left side as did my sister, who was my benchmark to compare with Sam.

He has health issues to be sure but he looked a whole lot better at yesterday’s meeting than he did at the one I wrote about in the link.

So there’s going to be a “Sussex county Airport Advisory Committee”? Below the request for members of this committee. My name is not on it.

And why Rob Arlett? Not that he’s not a fine appointee but is there any particular experience or locale requirement for a county council Representative? I mean mine own Sussex county councilwoman, Joan Deaver, has the airport in her district and hey, it’s right down the street from me.

Still and so, I don’t recall any discussion of this thing at Sussex county meetings and I must wonder why.

Give me time, I’ll find out.

From Jim Hickin, A.A.E. Airport Manager I am on the February 9th agenda to request Council appoint the following members to the Sussex County Airport Advisory Committee:
1. One representative of the Fixed Base Operator Garrett Dernoga
2. One non-commercial Airport tenant Larry Kelley
3. One commercial Airport tenant Jeff Reed
4. Two Airport-based aircraft owners Rick Garner Gus Croll
5. One Industrial Park tenant representative Mark Ryan
6. One representative at large Richard Wilson 7. County Council Representative Robert Arlett

I generally post the grant requests in this post just because….well I want those guys to know I am keeping an eye on them.

Grant Requests
1. Cape Henlopen High School for the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program.

2. Indian River Soccer Club for a field construction project.

3. Camp Barnes for renovations.

I am somewhat okay with the concept of awarding private organizations to bear the burden of bulky government bureaucracies if possible.

But this thing with the Indian River Soccer club is a bit of a mystery. This group is in Rob Arlett’s district and Arlett, at the last meeting, asked for a delay in awarding the grant to get more information.

I questioned this at the time and Rob very graciously responded to my query. He needed more information is the short version.

So today the council got the information I must assumed Arlett wanted as he did grant monies to the cause. What I don’t get, with a partial pic of the form Arlett requested below, is why this had to be obtained.
Doesn’t the Sussex county Finance Director do all this before she allows just anybody, like the Pat Fish Blog Fund, request money from the council?

Something kind of strange about this. We will follow up with Rob on this matter.

As for the councilmen comments, at the end of all Sussex county meetings….Rob Arlett mentioned going to the Office of Wills, headed by Cindy Green, and how impressed he was by operations there.

So okay Rob, work on allowing Cindy to appoint her own assistant….more on this next time.

Joan Deaver, as she always does, sounded tired and weary and complained of having 23 ordinances on top of her desk and right there I got to wonder why on earth she would have all those ordinances on her desk. Shouldn’t these things be voted on?

No Sussex county council meetings on 2/16 and 2/23 because they need more time off, insert snark here.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I just don’t know but it will be good.

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