With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/20/16 Edition

Biden family in Baltimore fooling no one, lots of local Delaware pics of people and places you might know. Come on in for smiles and memories.

Joe Biden at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Once upon a time I used to love the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Hell, once upon a time I used to LOVE Baltimore, worked within walking distance of that same inner harbor, often felt like Mary Tyler Moore throwing her beret high in the air with the joy of happening surroundings.

Of course Baltimore’s now a big fat mess and I don’t care if the VP tries to hype Baltimore’s landmarks, I’ll not go anywhere near that place again.

Ran by Democrats I might add.

Christine O’Donnell’s Mom Passed Away

God bless, may she rest in peace, may the O’Donnell have comfort.



Carol O’Donnell of Moorestown, New Jersey, formerly of Philadelphia, died on Valentines Day, Sunday; she was 73-years-old.




Shepherd’s Office

It’s a place of comfort for many homeless and struggling. There are prayer services on Friday night, movies on certain days as available and when possible, free lunches.

A couple of friends of mine run this Christian ministry and they work hard at it.

Join them at Prayer on the Circle, Friday nights, at 5pm.


Rescued by firefighters who ignored their own safety.

Wow, two brave firefighters saved this woman’s life, God Bless.


From WXDE.com:

A woman is trapped in her vehicle after it flips into an icy creek near Yorklyn.

Mike Phillips of our sister station’s WDEL’s TrafficWatch says the single-vehicle crash happened around 7:30 this (Tuesday) morning on Creek Road, just north of Snuff Mill Road, when the car lost control, landing on its roof in the partially frozen water.

Phillips says two Hockessin firefighters went, without wetsuits, into the frigid water to free the driver. She was taken to Christiana Hospital for treatment.


Former Editor wins award

Steve Grossman is very proud of this award from the Rehoboth Rotary club, as he should be. I know from experience that Steve works diligently for this organization and congrats to Steve and State Senator Ernie Lopez!

Good work guys!

Great Morning at Rotary. Honored to be part of the Community Paul Harris Award to State Senator Dr. Ernesto Lopez and Members Pat Campbell-White and Harry K. Thank you PDG Susan N Giove for keeping me grounded and focused on the true objective…SERVICE ABOVE SELF!.

Enjoy Review of Kung Fu Panda 3 HERE.
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NEXT : Got some great Delaware tidbits coming up….featuring the Donald Trump of Sussex County!

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