Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 2/23/16 Edition

Rob Arlett shines on WGMD, Jimmy’s Grille given comeuppance, and the Dow/Dupont merger gets more interesting….and deceiving. Much more, click on in.

Cracker Barrel Lawsuit Resolved.

I am rather fond of Cracker Barrel restaurant and goodness knows Jimmy’s Restaurant is a staple in Sussex county, both in eateries and catering.

The owners of Jimmy’s grille got it into their head that they were going to create a restaurant near Cracker Barrel in Rehoboth Beach that looked like, well, the Cracker Barrel.


And as these things go, soon it ended in court and Jimmy’s Grille will have to look like , well, Jimmy’s Grille.


delpoli2.23.16crackerbarrelllogosfAttorneys for the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain and a Dewey Beach business have agreed to end a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Cracker Barrel.

A federal judge this week signed a permanent injunction and dismissal order that prohibits Highway I Limited Partnership and its business partners from using any trade dress, marks or designs in building a new Jimmy’s Grill restaurant in Rehoboth that copy or are confusingly similar to those of Cracker Barrel restaurants.

They also are prohibited from committing any acts calculated to cause consumers to believe that any services at Jimmy’s Grille are sponsored, approved or controlled by Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel attorneys had alleged that the design for the Jimmy’s Grille restaurant and gift shop on Route 1 copied and misappropriated the distinctive look of Cracker Barrel restaurants.delpoli2.23.16jimmysgrillesf

What were they thinking?





Councilman Rob Arlett’s WGMD interview on 2/19/16

It was on WGMD’s Mike Bradley’s show, who refuses to friend me on Facebook I don’t know why.

But Arlett, councilman from Sussex county’s 5th councilmatic district, was interviewed and Bradley does do a terrific job on that morning show and does amazing interviews.

Of course it helps when the interviewee handles the questions as fluidly and calmly as Arlett did, at least as I listened that morning.
Bradley grilled Arlett on his stance on councilmatic grants and this issue of beach replenishment.

First, about those councilmatic grants. As I have learned, thanks to Rob, each Sussex county council representative has a budget of $30,000 annually to grant to organizations who meet certain criteria oversighted by the county finance director Gina Jennings.

The logic is, or so I thought, that the organization receiving the grant provides a service that a county bureaucracy would have to provide, a bureaucracy that taxpayers would support either way.

Of course it’s not that simple. Rob promised a closer look at those grants during his election run against Vance Phillips.

What delights me to no end is that the fellow actually seems to be following his campaign promises.

Arlett also discussed the issue of replenishing beaches that lost sheltering dunes during the recent snow storm. Turns out a lot of those beaches getting replenished, using both federal and state money. Private beaches (I’m thinking Bethany Beach would be a good example) that I cannot use but for which my taxes pay.

At any rate, Rob gave a great interview and watch this young man. He’s going places.
HERE Rob is name one of my top ten notable Delawareans.

Update on the Dow/Dupont merger

Of course it depends on who you read and on what day.

For the merger of Dow and Dupont is NOT quite the blessing Delaware might wish.

However, the agriculture company to be created with this merger WILL be located in Delaware.
From Delawarebusinessnow:

deltidbits2.19.16dowanddupontsf“This announcement is a win for Delaware,” said  Markell. “This decision would not have happened had it not been for the dedication and hard work put in by Sens.  Coons and Carper, Congressman Carney, leadership from both parties in the General Assembly, County Executive Gordon and members of County Council, and leaders at our state educational institutions. I also want to thank DuPont CEO Ed Breen, Dow CEO Andrew Liveris, and Jim Collins, the Executive Vice President of DuPont’s Agriculture unit, for their dedication to this issue

The net job loss with this merger is negative, not positive as Markell would have us believe. For Dupont headquarters is moving to Iowa with Delaware’s little Dow/DuPont agriculture business employing maybe a hundred people but with Delaware losing over a thousand jobs to Iowa.

This is an interesting business development that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

The Chicken Plant Continues to Cause Concern

I will never understand DNREC.

I know when this bureaucracy grows up it wants to be the EPA.

But this Allen Harim’s chicken plant, within walking distance of mine own home, wants to increase its output and DNREC says it’s okay.

Now this is a good thing in that DNREC considers rain that falls into puddles bad things and property owners must be punished.

But let a big company grow and fill the waters with God knows what and DNREC’s all for it.

Not to misunderstand. That Allen plant around the corner from me has never been a problem in terms of smell or other issues. I suspect that new plant they want to build will be fine.

It’s DNREC that confuses me.

Environmental activists and Delaware residents are voicing their concerns over the planned expansion of Allen Harim’s Harbeson chicken plant.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has approved Allen Harim’s plan to more than double output at its Harbeson plant, increasing production from 875,000 to nearly 2 million birds per week.

Last year, the company halted plans on a new Millsboro plant in the face of angry neighbors and legal challenges.

Residents held a meeting on Tuesday in Milton, where consultant Maria Payan of the national nonprofit Socially Responsible Agricultural Project called for the DNREC to hold a public hearing. Activists are concerned that the state didn’t order a formal environmental impact study before granting low-interest loans to finance the wastewater upgrades.

The company says the expansion allows for better pollution controls.

Best of Delaware Voting There is ONLY 7 days left to VOTE in the “Best Of Delaware 2016.”

Vote today:

Financial Workshops

Keep that date on 3/10/16 open cause it’s too late for tonight’s class.

I’d complained about these student loans in a recent post, that young and foolish kids were given hundreds of thousands of dollars to play soccer in Spain or whatever godawful notion runs through their skulls full of mush.

I also said there should be a workshop to teach these kids the burden they assume once they sign for those loans.

I hope this is a workshop that will help guide young people. At any rate, I advertise here, on this Blog, read by one or two people.

The Indian River School District is partnering with $tand By Me to host two financial aid workshops aimed at helping families understand the financial aid process and secure cash for college.

The events will be held tonight (Tuesday), from 6 to 8 p.m. at Sussex Central High School Computer Lab in Georgetown and on Thursday, March 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Indian River High School Computer Lab in Dagsboro.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid the only way students can get the financial aid they qualify for, whether it’s in the form of scholarships, grants or low-interest loans. Usually, students receive a package that offers a combination of both.

A facilitator will walk students and parents through the steps of completing the application and be available to answer questions during these hands-on submission workshops.

The most surprising food item in the buffet line at Ocean City Maryland’s Bonfire restaurant might fool those who attend just for the crab legs. Tune in for this review of a great buffet, what to take, when to go, items to eat.

What Ben the Bachelor did after the hometown dates was kind of mean. Tune in for an update and some guesses as to who might be Ben’s new wife.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : More Delaware tidbits and many more national posts with this election year now upon.

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