What’s Going on With the Sussex County Council? Come on In for the Scoop-The 3/1/16 Edition

The Sussex County Council changes Route 9 to what it really should be. The county lawyer reads a book during session while I cleaned my house. Tune in for all the scoop.

My goodness what problems I had watching the Sussex county council today, mostly because the packets provided for the media simply would not work.

I downloaded on my computer. The PDF reader program opened but it remained black. I downloaded on the Kindle. Kindle acted like it was downloaded but again….nothing.

I rebooted my computer, then tried again….NOTHING.

However, I DID manage to download the file on my IPHONE…what the hell is going on?

Also I was late tuning in and I seemed to have missed some of the action for it was a bit of a contemptuous day.

This is not a bad thing, as I see it.

The issue that most perked my ears was the request to have a change in conditional use on a property on Route 9, right near me in fact.

But first, a few other things.

Below is the new grant application form agreed by all council members to be used in the future.


For now, I managed to copy the thing from my Iphone but somebody please find out why the computers aren’t working right.

It seems like a simple thing but there was some confusion when the grant requests were read and voted on as to when the actual use of this new form (congrats to Rob Arlett for making this happen) is to be effective.

Since this whole issue of these councilmatic grants has been brought to the attention of the world, it seems the requested grants are given more scrutiny.

There was a group called “Children of the National Guard” which requested no specific amount but stipulated they were given a thousand bucks last year.

The council members protested the need for this particular program and as for now, with my disgust at being unable to download the packet, I didn’t stay around to get the final vote, will check back on it later when perhaps the computers are working.

Also the moratorium on signs-something else I am unclear on-was extended for three more months.

It was a request from a business owner on Route 9, east of Route 1, not far from the dairy farm.

Route 9, as is my interest in the matter, is undergoing a change and I am okay with it.

For while they try to keep Route 9 as bucolic and rural, come on people, it’s five freaking miles from the beach.

So this poor business is having to constantly obtain conditional use exceptions in that the area is zoned at part-residential instead of commercial-residential, which is should be.

And then comes the grand rhetoric.

First, the county lawyer, Everett Moore, one of three people that I know who have a pronounced Sussex county accent. The other two are Vance Phillips and Lacey Lafferty.

So Everett is reading the proposed ordinance to change the zoning and I decide to quick clean up the kitchen.

I listen to Everett and I listen to Everett and hey, I got the whole kitchen cleaned, including the microwave. All I could think of dear Lord, is he reading a book? Had I been sitting down I surely would have fallen asleep, which is not to cast aspersions on the county lawyer’s speaking ability but to the length of the verbiage he had to read.

Then Joan Deaver began her rant and hey, she did a great job.

She was firm that this thing has been bandied about long enough, this property owner should not have to go through this all the time. Wow, I was impressed, let me be true here.

Another council member, Mike Vincent jumped in, with a very concise explanation of the council’s hesitancy to quickly change zoning and that this Route 9 area was once such area undergoing transformation.

Help us old people living along the Route 9 corridor to get used to it seemed to be the logic.

Sam Wilson was not allowed to vote per the county lawyer, who could still talk after reading that book out loud.

The zoning was changed on a vote of 4 to 0.

They did a good job today people. I have issues with Todd Lawson and this Register of Wills thing….but I think the council does a real nice job and again, kudos to Rob Arlett for stirring the pot.

Seems you are inspiring your co-council members as well.

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