Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- the 3/2/16 Edition

Rep Dave Wilson’s lost cause; Remember that pervert Dr. Bradley? Want to buy his house? This and much more gossip, tidbits and snark.

Update on the Sussex County Council Post

Yesterday I posted a county council post and said that the new grant application form passed the council on a unanimous vote.

I have been informed that this is incorrect. The grant application did pass, but on a 3-2 vote. Sam Wilson and Mike Vincent both cast dissenting votes.

Some Biden Notes

delpoli2.26.16bidenatoscarssfFirst, as a Hollywood celebrity of the highest order, VP Joe Biden appeared on this year’s 2016 Oscar awards to give an award….


He appeared on the show to make a mention of rape of vulnerable women on college campus’.

Well that’s germane to this award show, no?

And now we find out that ole Joe is apologizing to Mexico for Donald Trump.

That man has lost all self-pride and loves to be humiliated.

Did I Cause This?

Well of course not, I am just a humble Blogger that nobody reads save two or three die-hards.
The Sussex county meeting to get information on the new Delaware Office of Animal Control will be held on March 29, 2016 at 6pm at 2 The Circle Administrative Building.

It will be presented by Hetti Brown, the new head of the animal control.

Hetti responded to a couple of queries on my behalf via my Blog posts HERE and HERE.

Trust that this Blogger will be there and get all the info that yon readers might know the scoop.

Rep. Dave Wilson Wants State to Follow the Law

It was on another Blog but I once wrote a short piece a bit derogatory of this farmland obsession so prevalent in Sussex county.

My editor called me and told me to either better research my facts or else change my narrative.

I did state, erroneously, that farming was not a big income producer for Delaware, not even Sussex county.

Upon a little research for this very blurb I find that Delaware brings in about 1.5 billion in annual sales.

Hmmmm. I got to wonder how much the tourism industry brings into this area. We must assume it is less than 1.5 billion because agriculture is named as the highest sales producing industry.

My argument is now, and will be until someone convinces me otherwise, that the upcoming business in this area will be tourism as more people move in to provide services while the chicken industry is serviced by illegals and dwindles.

I only say that based on what I see.

So in 2005 the Delaware legislature passes a law that the very first $10 million in income from the realty transfer tax-something that’s a big money maker due to all the new people moving in and they ain’t moving in because of the chicken industry…get a clue-must be given to something called the farm preservation fund.

Now this is a state law as I am to understand, but since such restrictions on money are not part of the state constitution, the legislation then allocating income can just ignore….this law? I don’t understand how that works. Why bother passing a law if it doesn’t have to adhered to?

“Six members of this committee (JFC), including both co-chairs, saw the wisdom of this law when they voted to pass it in 2005,” Rep. Wilson said,

There are a little over 800 farms in Delaware competing for money to keep 116 thousand acres in the farming business.

Now what does that farmer do with money he or she gets from this Farmland Preservation Fund?

Well he or she doesn’t sell the farm is all!

Man, how about you give me many thousands of dollars to not sell my house?

Not that, I emphasize here, Representative Dave Wilson is wrong to fight for this cause. Indeed if this was voted for by the Delaware legislation than it should be followed.
Peggy Schultz of the League of Women Voters says:

“A $10 million allocation for farmland preservation is not a donation,” Ms. Schultz said. “It’s a remarkably cost-effective way to invest in Delaware’s future.”

If the Delaware legislature, in the form of the Joint Finance Committee, wants to limit monies payable to this Farmland Preservation thing then pass another damn law eliminating it.

Oh I know they don’t want to do that and piss off all of Sussex county. So they secretly allocate some of the money as legislated and ignore the law.

Still and so, this Farmland Preservation Thing is no good and it really should be eliminated.

Let capitalism decide what Delaware becomes and with a great big ocean to the right of us and lots of tourists in nearby DC, Maryland and Virginia….

Folks don’t tell anybody I said this and THIS time no editor will wake me in the middle of the night and make me change my verbiage….BUT CHICKEN FARMING AIN’T THE FUTURE IN DELAWARE!

As for Rep. Wilson’s efforts to make the JFC follow the law…..I say get all your Republican colleagues out there lambasting this blatant ignorance of the law and demand that they either follow the law or remove it.

And yes, I do welcome legislator input on this.

Call me.

DNREC’s Mommy Wins a Big One

When DNREC grows up it wants to be the EPA.

So six very stupid states agreed to some kind of crap turd thing called “runoffs” and now they don’t like it.

Meanwhile the EPA is upheld on its restrictions on construction runoff and wastewater treatment.

Come on guys, sometimes animal poop gets rained down into the river and that never happened before the EPA and global warming.

Now the country’s Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal so we are now stuck with testing our rain water for poop and fertilizer.

How did this planet survive before the EPA and DNREC?

Remember Dr. Earl Bradley

Now I say this softly because he now gone, but Beau Biden didn’t do anything about this guy until it could not be ignored.

And for some godawful reason some woman at my church got it into her head that Dr. Bradley’s office on Route 1 should be dismantled, sold with proceeds going to survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

She was so sincere and for whatever reason she called me and WGMD had Jared Morris on the air and they were mocking here as she actually picketed in front of the building.

Anyway, memories.

What to do with the Lewes home of convicted child molester, former pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley.

Bradley was convicted in 2011 of raping more than 100 children and videotaping many of the encounters at his office, Baybee Pediatrics, that used to be on Route 1; that building has since been torn down.

Now, neighbors and the Bethel United Methodist Church who had Dr. Bradley’s Savannah Road home donated to them in 2014, wants to demolish it as well.

47 ABC reports because the house is in the Lewes Historic District, Church representatives went before the City of Lewes Historic Preservation Commission Tuesday night to ask for permission to demolish the house.

So those who inherited Dr. Bradly’s house in Lewes want to demolish the house but guess what? The thing sits in some kind of historic district and it will take red tape from here to kingdom come to tear the place down.
The City of Lewest Historic Preservation Commission is holding a hearing on the matter on 4/14/16

Delaware State Fair Begins Selling Tickets

Tickets for concerts at the upcoming 2016 Delaware State Fair in Harrington go on sale on Friday, March 11.

Headliners this year include performances by Jake Owen along with Granger Smith on Wednesday, July 20; Jeff Dunham on Saturday, July 23; Little Big Town with Kristian Bush on Sunday, July 24; Alabama on Monday, July 25 and X Ambassadors, Rachel Platten and A Great Big World on Wednesday, July 27.

The Delaware State Fair runs from July 21 through July 30 this summer.

Tickets for all of the concerts and other events can be purchased by logging on the Fair’s website at Delawarestatefair.com.

OMG the Giffords are coming to take away our guns

HE got a nice trip into outer space for being an asshole and trying to take away our guns.

But they’re coming to Delaware and let us bow down before them.

The couple will make an appearance at the Medical Society of Delaware in Newark on Monday, March 28 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. for an evening to benefit the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, Inc.
I was entertained by Oscars 2016. Come on in, we got the best and worst dressed, lots of gossip, snark and some compliments. It’s an Oscar coverage you’ll not see anywhere else but on this Blog. LOTS OF PICS

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Some national news and opinions as the presidential race heats up.

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