The National Scene-Super Tuesday followed by Mitt Romney Losing His Mind

In a little heart to heart with Mittens Romney, I show him how wrong he was during his speech today and show YOU what a tiny, small, mean man Mitt Romney turned out to be.


natlscene3.3.16mittromneysfI don’t usually write editorial type things because I am more of a dynamic writer….ie I write about things currently ongoing or ongoing shortly before the post.

So I didn’t write about Mitt Romney’s little turd speech today WHILE IT HAPPENED because it took me almost an hour to get my jaw off the floor.

What the hell is he thinking?

As for Super Tuesday Donald Trump won 7 out of eleven states. Ted Cruz won three. Marco Rubio won one.

Cruz won Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. Rubio won Minnesota, this state that once elected a wrestler for Governor.

Trump won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.

Cruz was expected to win Texas. Rubio is just plain not doing well at all.

And Trump?

How dare those stupid ignorant boobs vote for him and not listen to Mittens Romney and John McCain as they lead us to correct choices.

Not that, heh, either of them won or anything.


John McCain did bring us Campaign Finance Reform, damn I sleep better every night knowing he got that thing passed, whew!

As Romney went on and on I just could not believe my ears.

For those not aware, Mitt Romney gave a speech today in Utah and he eviscerated possible Republican nominee, Donald Trump.


They killed Christine O’Donnell, that first hint a few years back that Democrats disguised as Republicans, such as Mike Castle, would not do.

They went after every contender that didn’t match their concept of the way things ought to be and God knows they didn’t want to have to fight for anything.

So we gave the House a Republican majority and nothing happened.

“We need the Senate” the McCains and Lindsay Grahams told us.

So we gave them the Senate.

“We need the presidency”, they told us.

Forget it you creep turds.

Republicans are mad and are voting in droves for nominees that aren’t part of the elected elite.

I just don’t know what Romney was thinking.

Does he really think that what he did is going to drive Trump voters away from him?

By the way, not that it much matters because I write on principle here, but I am not a big Trump fan. Ted Cruz is my first choice but I’ll take any of the remaining contenders in place of Hillary.

Romney’s words were horrible.

Just horrible.

He mentioned Trump’s businesses that allegedly not successful.

Lookit….hey McCain….Romney….Donald Trump was astonishingly successful with a TV show called “The Apprentice”, then the “Celebrity Apprentice”. He ran the Miss Universe pageant.

No, this sort of thing does not make one a good American President but neither does being a lifelong politician and I might mention that Ronal Reagan was a TV Star.

More to the point, Donald Trump is perceived, specifically for those television shows, as a successful man.

Donald Trump did not inherit “The Apprentice”. He did inherit money from his father but he did not, Mittens, inherit ALL of his current wealth from his father.

It was such a horrible thing to do, to take the leading candidate for the presidential nomination and mention stupid stuff like Trump University or some water service.

It proves nothing, Mittens, and nobody’s going to buy that Donald Trump is a failure because somebody sued him over a bad grade at some mail order university.

All that little public temper tantrum did today, Mittens, was make you look like a mean and jealous person.

I thank God, seriously, that you were NOT elected.

I don’t much like President Obama and consider him mostly Muslim.

But at least he said up front he was going to fundamentally change America and he tried mightily to do so.

You, Mittens, acted all nice and sweet and I saw today one of the nastiest men on the planet.

I was entertained by Oscars 2016. Come on in, we got the best and worst dressed, lots of gossip, snark and some compliments. It’s an Oscar coverage you’ll not see anywhere else but on this Blog. LOTS OF PICS

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : We’ll cover the debate on a Blog post tomorrow because it should be interesting.

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