The National Scene-The Republican debate on Fox 3/3/16

It’s a little bit R-rated, this post, but we cover Trump’s private parts with journalistic integrity. Oh, and a few other thoughts on the 3/3/16 Republican debate….click on in.

Yes I did watch the debate last night.

The most significant thing about this debate was the pre-cursor to it, which was that shameful bag of crap served up by Mittens Romney, covered on this Blog HERE

Should one click in to the link provided above one would note that I thought getting on national TV, which is what happened what with all the announcements of the upcoming speech coming from the Republican former presidential nominee. Romney then launched into a nasty, low class attack on Donald Trump that was just awful.

And trust that Romney didn’t help his cause one bit, which was to help set up a brokered convention caused by no candidate getting the required number of votes.

Romney appeared on the Today show this morning and swore he was not running for President, nor would he run. We shall see.

Let us begin with Trump and his hands and let me recount how it all came down.

Donald Trump has a tendency to mock Marco Rubio, I’m not saying it’s nice but it’s refreshing at times to not have to watch some kind of Good time Charlie greeting of the candidates when we know they all have quirks.

And goodness this year we have learned the quirks, often thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump often calls Marco a “little man” or some such, referring to Rubio’s short stature. So during one Rubio event, he mentions Donald Trump’s hands being very small and asked the audience if they know what else that means?

Let me insert right here that Rubio was no doubt referring to that old saw that a man with big hands would also be proportionally large in other parts of his body. I never heard this in referring to hands but instead, a man’s feet.

Also found some truth to it, insert wink here.

“It’s mean he can’t be trusted,” Rubio shouted after a giggle-filled pause to that question as to what it means when a man has small hands.

At any rate, it was Rubio who began playing that game, however coy and uniquely oblique. We all understood what Rubio was saying. Trump’s got a little penis was the message of that exchange and hey, I wasn’t insulted. Men often resort to mocking each other’s male equipment though it’s kind of damn sad. Amusing. But sad.

So Trump at the very beginning of the debate shows us all his hands, which looked like normal hands to me. Trump said not only does he have nice big hands, that we need not concern ourselves that all other parts of him are small, hinting that they are, in fact, plenty big enough.

This exchange, spanning two or three days, has been the talk of the town, indeed, of the political pundits from the Washington Post to MSNBC.

I think it’s a hoot. Damn, they are running against a woman who, according to all accounts, doesn’t much care for male penis’ at all and here they are insulting each other over their male parts.

You can’t make it up.

But I sure don’t fault The Donald for punching back and hey, he assures us he’s got a big one….well hey, I’m impressed.

Maybe I shouldn’t be.

But I am.

Given a choice of a male to lead with a big one or a male with a small one, I’d pick the guy with the big one.

I don’t know why, seems like the right way to go.

Now I might have to sign up to be an inspector because we can’t have them just saying it’s so without someone checking it out, right?

Besides the lecture on his manhood, Trump did very well during the debate.

Yes, his answers were, eh….off the beaten track.

When asked what he do in the Mideast, would he continue the practice of waterboarding.

“They chop off peoples’ heads!” Trump shouted, a very telling point that Donald has made before and hey, you don’t hear Rubio or Jeb mentioning this little tidbit.

Which is part of Donald Trump’s allure, I would argue. Because we feel the same way out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs. We see videos proudly posted on the Internet of these heathens chopping off heads and damn, waterboarding is too easy on these cretins.

Yes we get sick of those elected guys and their political correctness boxing us into corners until we dare not share our truth and common sense for public ridicule, possibly an audit by the IRS.

Trump also suggested that instead of importing thousands of possibly dangerous refugees that perhaps we should create “safe zones” where we move these people, creating a more contained area for our military to protect and where the refugees can be safe until it is safe for them to return home.

Well it sounds like a plan to me. Like Trump said, why should we have to absorb them, give them welfare and health care? Who says this is America’s job?

Finally there was the “yoga” exchange and it was kind of funny. Trump was railing on about something and Ted Cruz told him to stop and take a deep breath. Rubio blurted that he’d like to say something while those guys do yoga.

Well I thought it was cute.

The real winner of the debate last night, alas, was Ted Cruz.

Goodness that man gave an eloquent summary of what needs to be done in the foreign affairs, including holding China responsible for that nutjob in Korea, working to keep Turkey in alignment with America, and deal with the crazies in Pakistan, where they have a nuclear bomb.

Ted Cruz is still very much in this race and he is my guy.

But unlike the class-less Romney, I am going to vote for the person that my party nominates in the primary.

And if they even think of this brokered convention nonsense, it will be a disaster for the Republican party.

I was entertained by Oscars 2016. Come on in, we got the best and worst dressed, lots of gossip, snark and some compliments. It’s an Oscar coverage you’ll not see anywhere else but on this Blog. LOTS OF PICS
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