What’s Going on With the Sussex County Council? Come on In for the Scoop-The 3/15/16 Edition

They discussed signs and sewers and everything BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF. Click in and read the rant on the Sussex County Council as Councilwoman Joan Deaver and I kiss and make up.

We begin this documentation of the Sussex county council meeting on 3/15/16 by noting that the next Sussex county council meeting will be April 5, 2016.

I will quickly go through the details of the meeting, that which I understood.

It began with options to accept a bid, the lowest of which is a firm NOT from Delaware. Councilman Rob Arlett asked if the county doesn’t allow local firms under-bid by those from out-of-state to have a second chance to beat the bid.

Todd Lawson, the county administrator, said that is not the norm and it’s no mind except I note Rob Arlett’s quizzing and hope he keeps it up.

In discussions of sewers, Councilwoman Joan Deaver asked a question about the value having a public sewer has to a house, ie…is a house more valuable if it has public sewer rather than a well and a septic tank.

I’ve had both, and back in the day, when water delivery was but cents a day, I’d agree with “those realtors” on the council (more on this later) council that public service is better.

But ever since Flint, Michigan and the use of public water supply as yet another way to redistribute wealth…I tell anyone go for a septic tank (they are amazingly easy to maintain) and a nice deep well.

Then began the discussion of signs and this has been a bugaboo for the county council since the beginning of time.

I insert here that I really don’t understand what the problem is or what the solution is. I recall discussions of 35 feet versus 40 feet-I think this was sign height- and no more variances…if the sign ain’t to the code, they don’t get to put it up.

It was an interesting debate and give me time and I’ll get it right.


For now, I’d like to address some commentary mine own councilwoman, Ms. Deaver, shared with me.

And she made some interesting points.

Here’s my post on the church with the red doors.

I complained because Deaver and another council person I believe, wanted to make it illegal for anyone in the proposed brewery/restaurant to not drink in the former church.

This is not the job of the gubmint, in any form, to tell a business how it should be run so long as all laws are adhered to.

Also I got into a bit of a snit, asking the council to please stop with the rules, stand aside, and with as little oversight as possible, allow commerce to go where it will.

Hey, I thought it was cool.

Deaver said that “my friend”-who I assume to be Mark Schaeffer, a Republican who is going to run against Joan, will bring the number of realtors on the Sussex county council to three.

This is why Joan referred to George Cole a bit snarkily as being one of those mighty realtors.

If Mark Schaeffer should win that spot in the 3rd councilmatic district, that WOULD be three realtors on the Sussex county council.

Thank you Ms. Deaver for pointing that out and I will keep it in mind. I’m not sure why this is a bad thing but hey, Sussex county is filled with realtors cause everyone is moving here. So a council with an abundance of realtors would not be abnormal.

Deaver also pointed out that she ran for her position with a promise not to allow development until all appropriate infrastructure is in place. A defense, I assume, for her opposition to the church with the red doors becoming a brewery.

Again, Joan is correct. She is sticking to her guns and come on Joan, you have been MY council woman for the last many years and you have, indeed, done a terrific job. I daresay you work harder for your constituents than any of the others on the council, or at the least, none of them best you.

So enough of kissy feely with Joan Deaver. We’re going to have lunch someday Joan…..it’ll be great.

And I finally end my narrative of the Sussex county council meeting on 3/15/16 with a rant of my own.


I did, ahem, point this out to the county lawyer, who told me that Hal Godwin is gone!

GUYS….they are up there passing laws to make us pay five cents a plastic bag, to force local contractors to hire only specific workers depending on military background and residence, none of which have anything to do with doing the job. They are wanting to increase the gas tax and …..GUYS ON THE SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL….YOU NEED TO LISTEN UP!

Cause when your constituents need to fork up that money they aren’t going to call Debbie Hudson. They are going to call YOU.

So below are links to recent updates I did for the Delaware legislature activities….thank me very much.


And you guys might be interested in my take on the recent Sussex GOP meeting, where the matter of the plastic bag fee was addressed even more. HERE

Everybody’s talking about this EXCEPT THE SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL!

For the record, Rep Debbie Hudson sponsored this bill and she means well. Read the Sussex GOP post but meanwhile, below a compilation of just what our local Sussex state guys think about this bill:

Rep. Danny Short (Co-Sponsor: “I signed onto this bill to get engaged in this conversation of the plastic bag issue. During that time I have had great feedback all across the board to include an idea that actually suggest that we might want to consider giving a person a 5 cent credit for every bag they don’t use to downright just do away with them. It is certainly a great way to learn as constituents become engaged in a constructive dialogue on any issue we have before us. Ultimately I would like to see trash cleaned up greatly along our roadways and open fields and everywhere in Delaware.”

Sen. Gary Simpson: “I do not favor this legislation. It should be a voluntary decision by the individual store owner rather than another mandate from the State.

Sen. Gerald Hocker: “I have high hopes that this bill will not make it to the Senate.”

Rep. Tim Dukes: “I’m not supporting it. I have had numerous constituents that have expressed their dissatisfaction in HB 202. I know there are environmental concerns but this legislation creates another fee. “

Rep. Rich Collins: “I am opposed, in part because it puts additional burdens on businesses at a time we can’t afford them. In addition, I believe we need more freedom, not less. This bill, and ones similar to it, have been pushed for years by a group from New Castle County. Various versions were on the table while my predecessor was in office. HB 202 was introduced on 6/19/16. In other words, this is nothing new. I have asked the group promoting this bill to let our trash committee, which should start work in April, see what other solutions we can come up with. I’ve also asked the sponsor not to run the bill. At the present time, the bill has not been released from committee.”

Rep. Harvey Kenton: “I presently am receiving and looking for feedback from my constituents on this legislation. I do have my personal feelings on this but I look for what the majority of my constituents want. Majority is the key word here. Also, we as a Republican Caucus have not met to discuss this legislation and that to me is very important because then I get to receive input from 15 other legislators. Thank you for what you are doing to support us.”

Rep. Ruth Briggs-King: “I do not support this legislation for several reasons. I have met with the supporters to hear their concern. I am concerned about litter and our environment, but to make consumers pay for plastic bags (and the merchant retain the fee) is unfair on several levels. The legislation places a greater burden on larger retailers. Plus, I have experienced San Francisco where I was in a store and had to pay for a bag (a paper bag) for my miscellaneous items. I will continue my preparation to prepare for the debate. Our members should be more concerned with the obvious attempt to have organized labor control all state construction with the ‘veteran workforce bill’. It’s horrendous!”

Rep. Dave Wilson: “I am opposed to House Bill 202. I feel that the 5 cent charge/fee is the same as a tax. This ‘fee’ would come at the expense of the consumer not the business. In fact, businesses that participate in this program would keep the revenue from the 5 cent fee collected. If this program was implemented it would come at a cost, as well. Someone would have to collect and process the data and what would this part of the program cost to implement? I am in full support of protecting the health and safety of wildlife and wetlands. However, I am not in support of an increase in ‘fees’ or taxes. There are current recycling programs in place where these bags can be recycled.”

Rep. Steve Smyk: Rep. Smyk did respond via text to my request for a position statement, and did express many ideas/concerns regarding HB 202. It was evident to me that Rep. Smyk has been researching this bill extensively and has formed his own opinion on its merit. However, he has asked not to be quoted at this time, as he is awaiting feedback from his constituents prior to making any official statement. LC

Heh….you guys want to hire me? Cause I’m good at it.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
NEXT -Got some interviews of new candidates running around these parts coming up soon.

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