Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 3/17/16 Edition

DNREC takes over tick control, I am so relieved. Sussex county takes on signs and lots on the corrupt Delaware courts.

This is all the FEC has to do?

First, I remember this nonsense from when Christine O’Donnell first ran against incumbent Mike Castle and THAT was her crime.

Cause in Delaware, crime is defined a bit differently than elsewhere.

Another example, if you live behind a new development filled with new owners from New Jersey, AND you have a legal survey…IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!!

They send constables to rip down your fence and if you manage to stop them by asking for a chance to defend yourself per the constitution, well the Superior court will ignore your survey, find you guilty, and make you pay the legal fees of those who lied about you.

So this is nothing about justice….justice has long been gone in this state.

deltidbits3.16.16christineodonnelsfFormer Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has opted not to disclose her personal finances in a Federal Election Commission lawsuit.

O’Donnell’s attorneys filed a notice Tuesday waiving any argument that she would not be able to pay a penalty if she loses.

The judge ordered O’Donnell last month to disclose her income, assets and liabilities for 2014 and 2015, saying the information was relevant to her ability to disgorge funds or pay a civil penalty. But he also gave O’Donnell the option of waiving any argument regarding her inability to pay.

The lawsuit claims O’Donnell used at least $20,000 in campaign contributions to pay bills at a townhouse that also served as her 2010 campaign headquarters.

O’Donnell has denied any wrongdoing and called the lawsuit a “witch hunt.”

I remember this town house dispute and O’Donnell was, indeed, running her campaign out of her house. Dear Lord they went over every dime she spent and now we are to understand they have not let this drop? Even if they do find a few questionable charges (and I add that it is NOT illegal to run a campaign out of your house), come on, if she claimed expenditures of around $20,000….it ain’t like it’s a million bucks people.

I realize the FEC is federal but the corrupt Delaware court system is behind it.
Dewey Beach Husband On Trial

I remember this story back when it happened. Goodness this seems like judicial over-reach what with making this a jury trial, go to hell.

Not that I have any loyalty to these people but good Lord the guy got into a pushing match-at age 73!- in his neighbor’s garage….we should be spending all this money and time on this?

From w059.com:

William Hanson, the husband of Dewey Beach Mayor Diane Hanson is scheduled for a jury trial today (Wednesday) in the Court of Common Pleas in Georgetown for a dispute with a neighbor last year.

Delaware 105.9 first reported Hanson’s alleged altercation with another man last fall. According to the police report, Hanson entered the victim’s garage on September 5, 2015, warning him not to speak to his wife. Hanson is then accused of striking the victim in the chest and taking a defensive stance. An unknown family member restrained the 73-year-old.

Hanson is charged with menacing, offensive touching and disorderly conduct.

Mayor Hanson, who won re-election to the town council in September 2015, told Delaware 105.9 that the case is “exaggerated” and “politically motivated”.

Hanson’s trial had been scheduled for January 13, but was continued until today (Wednesday-3/17/16).

Sussex County and Signs

I covered this burning issue in my weekly Sussex county post HERE

In the post linked above I was a bit vague on the sign issues as was discussed but I did promise I would catch up soon enough.

So it seems that there was formed some kind of working group to help create the ordinance for the signs which are, as in most places, something that must be watched else we’ll all end up living in a sign nightmare.

The group has recommended the separation distance between billboards be 1,000 feet, with five billboards per linear mile and 500 feet separation distance from churches, schools, dwellings and public lands. As for size, they recommended to retain the 300 square feet maximum per side requirement on billboards and to prohibit double stacked and side-by-side billboards.

When it comes to the height of billboards, the raising of the maximum height to 30 feet was recommended by the group.

Jamie Sharp is the Assistant County Attorney, and he discusses the location recommendation based off of the current requirements.

“We currently have front yard set back of 25 feet, side yard set back of 200 feet or 50 feet if it’s greater than 200 square feet, there is no rear yard set back requirement. Staff has looked as well as the working group and has recommended that the rear yard back set back be established consistent with whatever the building set back would be for that zoning district.”

Assistant County Attorney Jamie Sharp explains some recommendations for repairing or replacing non-conforming billboards.

“If you were to replace it, you must comply with the size and height requirements if you had a 600 square foot billboard, it would now have to be 300 feet, if it was 45 feet tall to begin with it would have to go to 35 feet or whatever height is established through the ordinance, you couldn’t increase the degree of separation.”

As for LED signs, the group wants motion standards for electronic message centers to be established for off-premise signs, they are currently only apply to on-premise signs, and also no moving images on any electronic message centers.

Also, a permit should be required and special use exceptions for all electronic message center billboards or LED signs, including existing billboards which are are being converted to LED, and new standards should be applied to all electronic message centers and prohibit grandfathering.

I am not sure I understand all of the above but the county has a moratorium on new signs until they get their act together.

They need to get moving.

HB290 and Lyme Disease

So now we got a task force to prevent Lyme disease?

And Senator Lopez….WHERE YOU BEEN? Busy putting bike paths all over Lewes, eh?

Noting that Delaware had the sixth-highest incidence of Lyme disease in the United States in 2013, House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Senator Ernie Lopez have filed two bills recommended by a task force he co-chaired to prevent the spread of Lyme and also raise awareness and improve treatment and coverage.

The Lyme Disease Prevention Task Force was designed last year to create a unified strategy to combat Lymedelpoli3.17.16lymediseasesf disease in the First State; the task force produced a report that ID’d several initiatives that can be undertaken to improve Lyme disease prevention, awareness, treatment and coverage.

House Bill 290 would expand the governing statute for DNREC to include the authority to address ticks, since the prevalence of Lyme disease is related to the large number of disease carrying ticks we have in Delaware.

Above, bolded, I shiver that we want to give DNREC more power of any kind, much less to “address ticks”(how does one address ticks?).

DNREC will be seizing our dogs, forcing us all to wear flea and tick collars…..in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost please don’t give DNREC any more power.

Kiosks to pay your fines.

More ways to keep the judicial system in Delaware corrupt. Now they can make you pay your fees for NOT building your fence on your neighbors’ property right in a handy kiosk located in all Delaware DMV’s and soon, to a mall near you.

The Administrative Office of the Courts’ Office of State Court Collections Enforcement has expanded the number of locations and the payment options of its network of self-payment kiosks throughout the state.

In cooperation with the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Child Support Enforcement, the payment kiosks, operated by TouchPay, are now located at DMV offices in all three Delaware counties and for the first time, they are accepting child support payments.

The Court’s payment kiosk program was launched in 2011 and allows people to make court-ordered payments at a place other than a courthouse and, in most cases, provide immediate credit for making those payments. In 2015, the payment kiosks handled over 6,000 transactions or more than double the number of transactions processed in 2014.

The kiosks accept all fines and assessments for the Justice of the Peace Court, Family Court, and Court of Common Pleas along with probationary fees from the Department of Correction in addition to the child support payments. The kiosks also accept payment for criminal fines and assessments from Superior Court but there can be a delay of 14 to 30 days before an account is credited.

In addition to the four DMV locations, kiosks are also located at the Probation and Parole offices in New Castle and Seaford.

Man, look at all those courts that can fine us all to hell, man they’ll take me at gunpoint, be it Justice of the Peace, Family Court and good Lord the Superior Court doesn’t want to be bothered with legal surveys….pay the fines at a handy kiosk.

Sussex Tech Band Plays for the New York St. Patrick’s Day
Normally I’d put this in a post of pictures but due to the timing….well I’m proud of them.
Below, they practice.

Band Director Ian Kenney says the kids are handling the moment well.

“I’m being tough in rehearsal, despite that I think things sound excellent right now, and I think they understand the magnitude of this and they’re stepping up to the plate to be magnificent when they are in New York.”

Delaware Legislature updates

I include links to my recent posts of my analyses of Delaware legislature activity just so you don’t have to go looking for them.

It’s a summary of the Delaware legislative week just passed. You will laugh and cry at what our legislature has done but hey, we got an official Tall Ship!
Part 1 week of 3/15/16.

Five cents a plastic bag then the retailer has to “encourage” the use of re-usable bags. Capitalism turned social experiment. This is Part II of Delaware legislation activity this past week.
Part II week of 3/15/16

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