The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 3/20/16

Please do NOT read this if you like John Kasich. For he made a complete fool of himself on the Sunday political talk shows and all I do is show you how. This and much more.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Republican presidential candidate John Kasich; White House chief of staff Denis McDonough; Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Kasich, McConnell; Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Kasich; Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders; Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump; McDonough, Kasich, McConnell; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Kasich, McConnell, Priebus.
Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure Full Measure returns to the border and a harsh reality that you may be surprised to hear exists in America. U.S. border towns so influenced by the influx of illegal smugglers and drugs, it’s worked its way into the fabric of daily life.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

We’re going to start doing this post a little differently.

This week in particular but most weeks I have discovered, that these shows have the same guest on all of them and as age comes upon me I am having difficulty tracking what one multiple guest said on what show.

sundaypoli3.20.16facenationkasichsfFor example, leading contender for the Republican nomination, John Kasich….


This guy has but a handful of delegates committed as he only won one freaking state, HIS OWN, and he is the current sitting Governor.

Yet he shows up on many political talk shows this Sunday and why the hell does he get all this air time? Guy has exactly ZERO chance to obtain the delegates needed but he asserted, over and over until I wanted to throw something at his televised image. Rick Santorum had more delegates than this guy but you didn’t see him showing up after dropping out giving us lectures, did you?

I noted some of Kasich’s outlandish statements, forgive if I cannot attribute what show he said same on.

Kasich declared, to my laughter that would not cease, that why the hell shouldn’t he stay in the presidential race as he has the best chance to win in November.

Say what? Who said that? This statement is based on some kind of poll and is Kasich now asserting that voters and committed delegates be damned, if the polls go my way, appoint me at the convention as God meant it to be?

Suppose Donald Trump used such a silly argument to obtain a nomination over the will of the people? I mean they don’t even want to give Trump what he earns fair and square much less play crystal ball and argue that the cards show that The Donald will win over the Dem nominee?

Then Kasich says that he would never deport Aunt Maria and take her away from her children and grandchildren for only the crime of violating our country’s border laws.

Which misses the point entirely but those GOP establishment types want to do it their way.

First, nobody’s looking to deport Aunt Maria. But how about the thug who killed that tourist in San Francisco? How about the criminals selling illegal heroin, bringing it in?

Best of all, how about we all sit down and discuss this country’s immigration laws, MAKE SOME for God’s sake as this green card thing seems to be in every politico’s authority except the people?

They don’t get it. Flipping us the bird got Marco Rubio thrown out no matter how much he apologized. Now Kasich flips us the bird and tells us what is reasonable is nuts and don’t dare question us, the elite, who know everything.

To sum up the wisdom of this loser Kasich person, when asked why he keeps on going when statistically it is impossible for him to win, he asks, as if this makes sense “WHY DON’T THEY DROP OUT?”


But of course the winners should drop out, John. YOU won’t even step aside when you CANNOT win yet you ask those beating you to a pulp to drop out?

Right there is why the hell you should never be president of anything.

Political Cartoon of the Week


Other Notes

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was on all of the shows this week.

I call him Mumbles McConnell and he lived up to his name.sundaypoli3.20.16mitchmcconnellsf

He did a good job of affirming the Senate’s intent to not hold hearings on this Garland guy for the Supreme Court. I almost believe that he’ll stick to it but already we got twelve Republican Senators agreeing to talk with the nominee. The shouldn’t even be doing that.

Which is not to say that I agree with this tactic. I am not sure, frankly. What I do know is that if you say something, you should do it.

Let’s see if Mumbles holds to his word.

There was some good discussion of Cuba and Cuban relations on some of the shows this week.

Seems President Obama is going to Cuba and there’s all kinds of questionable visits going on. He is planning to meet with Cuban dissidents, which I suppose are those who don’t like Castro, which is most of Cuba.

Obama is allegedly being urged to NOT meet with the dissidents. I am not sure why.

Well hell I’m not sure why Obama even wants to go to Cuba in that those Castro brothers have not held an election in over thirty years. It’s why we put a ban on Cuban imports.

But since when did Obama ever obey the law?

Finally, it was Chuck Todd on Meet the Press who gave the most intriguing political allegation of the day.

Todd states that whether or not the Senate will buckle and agree to hold hearings on Garland will depend on how well Chuck Grassley, Senator from Iowa, does in polling in the next several weeks.

I think that’s interesting.

The conclusion of a poor poll showing would have to be that Grassley is polling low due to the Senate’s decision to NOT give the President’s supreme court nominee consideration.

I understand there are TWELVE Republican Senate seats up in this coming election. I ponder that Todd has a point….if it even seems remotely probable that the pubs would take a big hit in the Senate they will turn on that decision to NOT hear the Supreme Court nominee in a New York minute.
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