The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 4/3/16.

We got Priebus assuring us the convention will be fair, Trump refusing to fire his campaign director, and the secret conversation revealed this morning that will blow your mind.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.; Priebus.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Trump, Priebus.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders; Republican presidential candidate John Kasich; Priebus.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sanders, Priebus.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

Major Talking Points This Week

But of course Donald Trump, asked a provocative question by Chris Matthews, managed to indicate that were abortion to be made illegal, should women who get one be punished.

Back in the day when abortion really WAS illegal, and before the Supreme Court did what it shouldn’t hadda done and made it legal, one of the biggest complaints was that women were not only forced to have back alley abortions (I had an Aunt who DIED from one), they then got punished for the “crime”. Yeah, the “doctors” (mostly nurses working on the side) got punished too but it just was bad optics.

Of course the Chris Matthews’ of the world, what a loser to sell himself like that, and the George Stephanopolous’ along side, are bribed in some fashion to ask questions designed to “trap” the Republicans in the narrative the liberals want. So Mitt Romney wanted to deny women birth control and Donald Trump will punish them for having an abortion.

When no such thing will ever happen and we all damn well know it.

But once again Trump messed up and the screaming monkeys see it ending, as they have for the past six months.

Meanwhile out here in la-la land we felt Donald’s awkwardness with the question, we weren’t all born at night, LAST NIGHT.

Trump also semi-admitted an error in sending out that tweet of Ted Cruz’ wife but it was barely a whisper.

Reince Priebus was on all the shows assuring us that the convention will go on per the “rules”. Priebus then proceeds to tell us that the rules will be changed as they are for every convention.

Say what?

Anybody believes those people are going to honestly nominate Trump to be the candidate raise your hand. I got a bridge to sell, cheap.

Meanwhile, on Meet the Press we had Senator Ron Johnson, R-WI (Wisconsin people were all the rage as guests this sundaypoli4.3.16ronhohnsonmeetpressweek) and his comment that if Merrick Garland to be more conservative as the dead Antonin Scalia he is replacing, he might have gotten a hearing from the senate.



Political Cartoon of the Week


Hillary also made an appearance on this show and goodness she went on and on about forced abortions in China and how is that anywhere near what Trump was tricked into saying.

Finally David Brooks was on the round table and the man was almost in tears at the prospect of a Republican nominee named Donald Trump. Lord it was pathetic.

Over on Face the Nation we had John Dickerson badgering Donald Trump on why his campaign guy Lewandowsky for beating the hell out of that Reporter, Michelle Fields, then slashing her neck and tossing her body to the side as so much trash.

Over and over Dickerson asked Trump if maybe he shouldn’t have fired his campaign manager. Trump repeated over and over that he was not about to ruin somebody’s life based on what he saw on the videotape.

Folks I saw that videotape. Come on, to make that into an assault and battery case is a stretch and makes that Fields woman look so small.

I understand no charges have yet been filed but go on, the media’s acting like they have and this Lewandowsky should be strung up at high noon.

sundaypoli4.3.16scgovernorstateofunionFinally on CNN State of the Union we had a whole bunch of South Carolina guys, including Andre Bauer, former SC Lieutenant Governor.

It was on this show that we got another little tidbit. Seems Maureen Dowd, a NY Times rather pathetic loser trying to be liberal with no boyfriend in sight. She asked Trump that, what with all his girlfriends, he never had a case requiring termination of a pregnancy?

Go to hell, what a horrible question to ask someone, that loser-burger. Trump, for once, told Dowd to ask the next question, let’s bypass that one.

Round table pundit Bakari Sellers, who I don’t much know of but obviously he is a young passionate liberal.

He said that the biggest problem in this country is….get this…”income inequality”:.

What the hell is that? If the CEO of Amazon makes more than a burger flipper at McDonalds, is that income inequality?

These people won’t be happy until everyone in the country turns over their entire paycheck to be redistributed best as the liberals see fit.

My Take

Some big primaries coming up, including Wisconsin. Donna Brazille, talking head on Meet the Press, stated with confidence that if The Donald loses that primary he’ll probably be outta there.

Hillary’s got troubles too, in Wisconsin.

Cause nobody likes the woman, it’s that damn simple.

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