What’s Going on With the Sussex County Council? Come on In for the Scoop-The 4/5/16 Edition

Why is the Delaware legislature getting all involved in Sussex county’s business. And DNREC FINES Sussex county-I can’t stop laughing! This and more on today’s Sussex county council session.


****UPDATE 4/6/16 I am informed by a helpful member of the Sussex council that DNREC did NOT fine Sussex country but they did issue some kind of violation notice.

I stand by my link below which I came by with a Google search. The violations occurred in 2014 and the incident I laugh at was recently all the rage on Facebook and on the radio.

So what happened in 2014? What is this “administrative penalty”? I didn’t pull that number out of the air, it’s in the quoted news article.

Heh….DNREC. Soon they will be boss of the universe.
Whew, I don’t know where to begin with this episode of the Sussex county council.

Mostly boring save for nutjobs like me who enjoy this kind of thing.

I’ll begin with the…..wait….I’M ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!! Okay, okay….let me try again.


Seriously, DNREC fined Sussex county for storm runoff or some such?


DNREC…the bureaucracy that will soon claim your grandchildren, home and hot water heaters.

DNREC….that wants to be the EPA when it grows up.

GET THIS! DNREC fined the county ALMOST $37,000!!!!!


So there was a discussion on this and I was intermittantly laughing and trying to take it all in.


Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary David Small has issued a notice of administrative penalty assessment and secretary’s order to Oakwood Village at Lewes LLC for violations of state sediment, stormwater and water pollution regulations.

Oakwood Village is a multi-phase subdivision in Sussex County comprising almost 64 acres with 115 single-family homes. The subdivision in its final phase.

The violations cited were deficiencies of the stabilized construction entrance, inlet protection, vegetative stabilization, silt fence and maintenance. Oakwood Village has 30 days to request a public hearing.
The order includes an administrative penalty of $36,900 and $5,535 in cost-recovery reimbursement to DNREC.
The Sussex Conservation District asked DNREC for enforcement action in July 2014. Subsequent construction site reviews found six violations between July and October of 2014.

Now I don’t know the story above much less who the creepy hell are these “Sussex Conservation District” walking dead bureaucrats?

The story I gleaned above seems to be from a couple of years back but at the council session today the county engineer murmured that a huge rain storm dropped many inches of water on the area in a short time.


I’m still laughing.

Now on to this so-called “legislative update”, thank me very much for doing one and kindly sending it on to the Sussex county councilpeople with Hal Godwin now gone and the county too poor to hire someone else.


This House Substitute to House Bill No. 200 adds provisions to Title 21 defining accessible parking spaces, incorporating federal standards for accessible parking spaces found in the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable regulations. The Act also provides additional requirements that enhance these standards and better reflect the needs of persons with disabilities in Delaware. The Act increases the penalty associated with violating the statute that prohibits individuals who do not possess a parking placard or special license plate from parking in accessible parking spaces, or in the access aisles located next to accessible parking spaces. This Act adds provisions in Titles 9 and 22 to require county and municipal governments to adopt regulations and ordinances incorporating these requirements for accessible parking spaces, including the requirement that property owners have a permit and process to ensure compliance for new or modified accessible parking spaces, in order to increase compliance and uniformity statewide.

County administrator kind of waffled about the legislative updates and God knows he didn’t mention the Blogger out here in la-la land keeping wise eye on those legislators.

God bless Rob Arlett who said out loud….”Why is the Delaware legislature getting into our business?”
Go to hell Rob, first of all, THEY HATE SUSSEX COUNTY!

Not that we love those from up north or anything, I’m jus’ sayin’.

sussexcouncil4.5.16handicappedOut of all the issues being covered in the current Delaware legislation, only this matter of the handicapped parking thing got bought up at today’s Sussex county council meeting

However, I did cover this matter in my Blog so God bless me.

Folks, it’s an old story but let me elaborate. Bout ten years ago I had a quadruple bypass…only age 57 but my arteries were so clogged I could barely walk. So God bless American medicine, I recovered quite well.

Only the artery to my legs, for the past several years, has also clogged up and I can’t walk very far. Thus I have a handicapped tag, given fair by my doctor, applied for at the Georgetown DMV, has an expiration date. My clogged caudal artery too has an expiration date as soon I shall have yet another roto-rooter on the veins. Until then I park in handicapped spots and I heard Sam Wilson complaining about healthy people getting out of cars with handicap placards.

Sam, I probably look healthy to most people. Oh, as for those weird handicapped parking spaces….some of them are “van accessible”. This means there is extra room for someone like, say, Sam, to have easier access to side entrances of the vehicle, that type of thing.

The reality is that no one is really allowed to park there EXCEPT van accessible vehicles carrying a handicapped person needed to embark and disembark on a wheelchair.

I will park in those van accessible spots but I will avoid if possible. I never got a ticket although I dunno, my Jeep might look “van accessible”.

Seems silly to waste a nearby spot that few use but it could be a contemptuous matter.

What Delaware wants to do is add more laws to federal laws to county laws until we got so many laws we cannot breathe.

As I said in my Blog post linked above, people using handicapped spots they aren’t entitled to is something I don’t think I’ve ever encountered, at least here in Sussex county.

I know that’s anecdotal only but I been around this county. We don’t need legislators from New Castle telling us how to run things down here in lower and slower.

So we move on to the most confusing item of the day, a request for change of zoning application 1795.

All I know about this folks is that a couple of developers had a red tape nightmare mess, having permission to build over 900 homes, but only actually building 300+ homes of that amount, yet requesting permission to build 21 additional homes.

George Cole balked at granting this change of zoning because, as he explained, if they haven’t built almost 600 of the homes they have permission to build, why give them 21 more?

It looked to me like the poor guys were trying to untangle a mountain of red tape, easements, and incorporate a section called Dead Man’s Mountain.

Or something.

The county council put the matter on hold, a good idea I thought, brought up by Joan Deaver who admitted, and I admire her because I was with her, that she was too confused and needed to sort it all out.
Some other miscellaneous notes:

Joan Deaver sent me an email recently telling me that my “friend” would add yet another realtor to the Sussex county council. Heh. So during today’s session Joan once again mentioned her phobia about realtors and her co-councilmembers responded much like me.

I responded to Deaver, MY council person by the way, that what’s the problem with realtors? Everybody’s moving to Sussex county after all. Naturally there are a lot of realtors. Some of them even get elected to the Sussex county council.

Oh, the “friend” Joan referred to was Mark Schaeffer, the Republican running for her job. I interviewed him recently.

OMG did the county council over-do it a bit with the Sheriff, Bob Lee?

Recall how the Sussex county council despised Christopher, the former Sheriff that got harangued out of office. The council was all kissy-smoochy yet I note, silly me, that revenue from Sheriff sales and such has dropped dramatically since Christopher, I’m jus’ sayin’.

Finally, I came across the below in the press handout for today’s session.

Bids for the Sussex Shores Subdivision -Chapter 96 -Roadway Improvements Project -Sussex County Improvement (SCI) Project No. 14-13.B -were opened at Sussex County Council Chambers at 11 :00 a.m. on March 24, 2016. We have reviewed the two (2) bids received (Jerry’s Paving – $483,896.00; George & Lynch, Inc. -$376,405.50). GMB’s cost estimate for the project was $500,821.50. The bid form submitted by George and Lynch, Inc. had an error in Item A-6, whereby there was a discrepancy between the multiplication of units of work and the unit price. The unit price recorded on the bid form was $1.98 and the unit of work was 60 CY, yet the total was $11,880.00. Section 14.02 of the EJCDC documents incorporated in the bidding documents states that discrepancies are resolved in the favor of the unit price. Therefore, the total of Item A-6 total was adjusted to $118.80 ($1.9 8 x 60) and the total bid price was adjusted to $364,644.30. With the adjustment George & Lynch remained as the low bidder. George & Lynch was notified of the error and acknowledged the adjusted bid price by way of email correspondence.

Seriously? Note where I bolded the text….these people put in a bid where they made such a huge mistake in the multiplication….of over….what TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS???? Then the county had to call them up and tell them about the error. They don’t have someone checking that stuff? Can we trust their work, being so cheap and everything?

Who would hire people that dumb to do anything?

Or else this is very suspicious.

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I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Some Delaware tidbits….when will the REPUBLICANS demand the political sign thief be punished?

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