Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- the 4/7/16 Edition

Where are the Republicans calling for justice against the sign stealing turd now caught cheating again? Police Chief firebug and thoughts on Freeman Stage.

Former Police Chief a Firebug?

This is really wild. The former Crisfield Police Chief is in jail for….setting a fire?


Former Crisfield Police Chief Norman Swift is in jail in Somerset County, Maryland, following his arrest for intentionally setting a grove of pine trees on fire last September.

The 60-year-old Swift was arrested yesterday and charged with one count of malicious or negligent setting of fires.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police say Swift allegedly set the fire on Phoenix Church Road on September 21, 2015; nearby firemen saw the blaze and spotted Swift in the area; police say they traced his cell phone’s location indicator to the area of the fire at the time it was set.

Swift is being held in the Somerset County Detention Center in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Man when you got your cops setting fires it’s kind of scary.

The Freeman State Events

OMG Pat Benatar! Huey Lewis!

I remember when this venue just began. I was such a putz. They have these circle things at the end of the rows to provide light. This is an outdoor venue in cast yon reader didn’t know.

Anyway I thought they were tables and I deliberately positioned myself near one so I could put my picnic upon it.

Of course a kind lady had to quietly pull me aside and tell me that’s not what those things are for.

Tickets go on sale this (Monday) morning for the 2016 summer concert series at Freeman Stage at Bayside in Selbyville.

The Freeman Stage at Bayside announced last month that it will welcome numerous national recording artists to Sussex County during the 2016 Summer Season; Phillip Phillips and Matt Nathanson will kick off the major concert schedule in late June.

Also performing this summer will be Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, The Band Perry, Justin Moore, Pat Benatar with Melissa Etheridge, The Beach Boys, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Huey Lewis and the News, the Silk Road Ensemble and Yo-Yo Ma, Gladys Knight, and The Wailers.

Never mind that you can dress me up but can’t take me out, I took granddaughter to a Shakespeare-“A Midsummer’s Night Dream”-very appropriate for the locale.

Granddaughter watched the entire thing on her haunches, listening to the actors and I marveled that here we are watching a Shakespeare play on a gorgeous summer night by the ocean.

Wonderful place, check it out.

Dem. Rep. Bryon Short is stepping aside in a bid to replace Carney in congress.

Short’s announcement leaves four Democrats in the race; the primary is September 13. The lone deltidbits4.5.16byronshortRepublican in the race now is Hans Reigle. They are all trying to replace Congressman Carney who is running for governor.

I got to find me Hans Reigle and get an interview.

Be nice if they could sneak in a Republican.

What the Hell is With this crap turd sign stealer now turning an even BIGGER crap turd?

A recording obtained by WDEL alleges state Senator Bethany Hall-Long’s husband abused his power and that County Executive Tom Gordon helped cover it up.

A confidential source implicated Hall-Long’s husband, Dana Long, in allegedly using his position as a Section 8 housing property inspector–a contract position within New Castle County government–to lobby for his wife’s state Senate re-election bid.

A confidential source told WDEL that Long took the county’s protected contact list of low-income housing residents and cold-called them–on his own time–urging residents in his district to vote for his wife when she faced Republican John Marino in her 2014 re-election bid.

For a more local angle on this story, check out this post from Frank Knotts at Delawareright.

Remember this guy got caught in dead of night stealing signs of Republicans, in the case where they caught him he was stealing campaign signs of Rich Collins.

Now the turd, with the help of this fine and honest New Castle county executive Tom Gordon, is pushing on renters of Section 8 housing to vote for his wife.

WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS??? Why am I not seeing Brian Pettyjohn, Rich Collins, Steve Smyk, Dan Short….et al, holding press conferences and demanding that this guy, a turd people, BE PUNISHED???

I’m working on this folks because I heard the turd got off easy due to pressure from Republicans up north when they caught him stealing campaign signs.

Are you happy now Charlie Copeland, being all nice like and THIS IS WHY THE REPUBLICANS LOSE!!!

For the public good

Since I am into this new animal welfare thing, let us note the below:
Bodenweiser taken off probation

delpoli4.7.16ericbodenweiserCome on….the jury didn’t vote him guilty, he had one lone nutjob testifying and getting everything wrong.

A former state Senate candidate accused of repeatedly molesting a young, male neighbor more than 25 years ago has been discharged from probation, and the case against him closed.

Court records show that Eric Bodenweiser was discharged from probation March 22.

I know the story of how this prosecutor tried to hook Eric up to lie detector test….come on people….there was absolutely NOTHING right about how this case was prosecuted.

IF you didn’t believe that then, look at how pathetically it ended.

Soon I shall be writing MY amazing stories of NO justice in Sussex county courts.
Running for Mayor and they don’t even know for what party
Yet another person running for mayor in Wilmington.

City Councilwman Maria Cabrera, a first-term councilwoman representing an at-large district, will deltidbits4.516mariacaberaattempt to become the city’s first female mayor, in an official announcement expected today (Tuesday).

Her candidacy would add to an increasingly-crowded field of at least seven challengers to Democratic incumbent Dennis Williams, including the council’s current president, Theo Gregory.

Neither the advisory, nor Cabrera’s website listed under which party she is running, but state Election Commissioner Elaine Manlove said Cabrera was still registered as a Democrat.

Top Three American Idol

It’s a mystery, it’s funny, it’s colorful, there’s music, great animation….a top notch Disney movie. Click in to see why

Geraldo sent home on Dancing With the Stars

Update on Survivor post HERE

We have mother/sons and father/daughters/all kinds of couples, competing on this season’s Amazing Race. Tune in for updates

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