The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 4/10/16

President Obama interviewed on Fox News Sunday and his choice of his biggest victory in office will shock you. Kasich continues to challenge Taylor Swift for the nomination. Much more.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): President Barack Obama.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders; Paul Manafort, convention manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump; New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sanders; Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Won’t announce lineup!
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sanders; Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure Correspondent Scott Thuman travels to Russia’s border with Estonia as Full Measure investigates an escalation of forces in the region not seen since the cold war.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

So let’s look over the general discussion topics this week. And smile, if you can.


Indeed, I have no idea what to do but trust that I will not go anywhere near Kasich even if I must leave.

sundaypoli4.10.16obamawallace1So President Obama finally got interviewed by Fox News and it was kind of a puffball interview but it was vaguely interesting.

Obama said that “saving the country from a major depression” was his biggest accomplishment as President.

Say what?

Man, these politicos have some sort of talking point thing that has fake polls and events being used as a benchmark for good governance or a nomination.

In Obama’s case, what great depression?

No wait! It never happened!

So of course Obama saved us from it.

Indeed a huge meteor did not hit the planet head on and blow up South America.

So it had to be Obama stopping it, right?

At one point in the interview Obama went into his old office at his law school, kind of intriguing.sundaypoli4.10.16obamawallace2

As for his biggest mistake in office, give him credit for saying what it was and he might even be right.

President Obama said it was his failure to adequately ascertain the after-effect of the Libyan ouster of the Libyan dictator.

Or could this be, thinks the Cynical I, that Obama is trying to deflect Benghazi off of Hillary’s shoulders?

On Meet the Press we had nutjob Glen Beck predicting convention outcomes. He acted almost normal and said that to ignore the will of the people-for example choosing the most irritating candidate of all-Kasich-would be disaster.

You think?

Chuck Todd did the best job of analyzing the upcoming crop of primary elections and the effect of delegate assignation of each.

He gave a most positive scenario for Donald Trump and that which he considered most likely.

Nothing is a lock, folks. But if those pubs try to nominate, say, an irritating Kasich, there’s going to be hellfire and bombs.

On This Week with George Stephanopolous we had the first serious discussion of the bathroom wars in North Carolina.

Bruce Springsteen, whose politics I follow with a passion and who I want to lead me to the light, is refusing to play there.

Why? Because some guy decides he’s a girl and wants to pee in the female bathroom?

Do these nutjobs think that people are going to go for this?

I am quite sure the LGTB lobby is threatening them and the homosexual lobby in Hollywood and the entertainment industry is all powerful.

Because Americans are not losing sleep over this stupid nonsense.

We had Bernie Sanders on Face the Nation and he went on and on about Hillary’s vote for the Iraq war was stupid, that the Iraq was one of the worst wars in American history.


Bernie Sanders would have left Saddam Hussein in office? And further why didn’t John Dickerson ask Bernie this very question?

Almost the whole congress voted for that was and there would have been hell to pay if they hadn’t.

Bernie’s not fooling anybody.

Finally, John Kasich was on Face the Nation as well and go on. Once again he cites polls that show he will beat Hillary.

I say the polls show Taylor Swift will beat Hillary so based on this criteria we should nominate Taylor?

Again, it’s that political tendency to claim credit for things that never happened, or to get awards for things that MIGHT happen.

Kasich says the polls show….somebody get a hook and pull that man out of there.

Even the pundits on Face the Nation made fun of Kasich with his one state victory….HIS OWN!


Political Cartoon of the Week
My Take

Folks, this upcoming Republican convention is going to be interesting and the political junkee in me is ready.

Because Trump is not running away with this thing, Neither is Cruz, of course.

I seriously doubt that either of them is going there with the requisite 1237 delegates.

If all goes fair, either Trump or Cruz-who will be bringing in the second largest amount of delegates, maybe more than Trump-will get the nomination.

If Kasich, or any other cute face the GOPe chooses, gets the nod, the base is not going to like it.

Like I said, very intriguing.

Update on Survivor post HERE

We have mother/sons and father/daughters/all kinds of couples, competing on this season’s Amazing Race. Tune in for updates

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NEXT : Working on some interviews.

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