Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 4/11/16 Edition

American Legion embezzlement shocks Sussex county! Plus new feature, “Secrets of Sussex county” will tell you the best chicken wings plus proof where the county’s is heading. Come on in and be entertained.

Sussex councilman Rob Arlett heading Donald Trump’s Sussex campaign

No I am not a Trump guy. From the very beginning I have supported Ted Cruz and will continue to do so.

Not that anybody cares but I’m jus’ sayin’.

deltidbits4.10.16robarletwithtrumpsignSussex county councilman-5th councilmatic district, Rob Arlett, is heading up Trump’s local campaigns and here’s my deal…if Cruz does not get the nomination, I will support Trump whole-heartedly.

t is now a known fact for many that I have personally endorsed, supporting, and am part of the campaign efforts here in Delaware to elect Donald Trump for President. I believe he is the best candidate to represent the Republican Party for the following reasons:

1. National Security – Most important job of any and all elected people is to protect and secure “their” people. Donald Trump has been most vocal and has placed this as a top priority. I believe he shall protect us as a nation.

2. Economy – Donald Trump has the credibility and personal experience in creating private sector jobs. Many families are struggling and seeking opportunities to provide for their families. Donald Trump is best equipped to help the American family and their wages.

3. Expand the Republican Party – Donald Trump is the only candidate that has been able to acquire support from Independents & Democrats. He has placed pride back into being an AMERICAN and not just being part of a particular political party, just as did Ronald Reagan.

I have decided to place my focus on the candidate that has the best MESSAGE and not perhaps the best personality… He is not perfect nor am I but Donald Trump has my support and encourage you to consider him as your choice when voting on April 26 during the Delaware Republican Primary.

I note that Rob says Trump does not have the best personality, a folksy commentary, but true. Trump is an odd duck but he’s getting better and I honestly think, if all goes fairly -that Trump is going to win that nomination.

The shocker story of the week

OMG! Fine, fine felons these members of the Millsboro American Legion.


But I got some questions.

From Coastalpoint.com:

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) reported Friday that four Millsboro men and a Georgetown man have been charged with the theft of $641,000 from Millsboro American Legion Post 28 between July of 2012 and January of 2015.
According to DGE officials, the five men — along with a sixth man, who has since died — were officers of Post 28 at the time of the thefts and allegedly wrote and signed numerous checks made out to cash, cashed the checks at local banks and did not return the funds to or use them for the post’s business.

The suspected embezzlement was reported to DGE in January and, after a three-month investigation into the alleged felony theft, charges were filed April 7 against the five men.

Samuel Mauger, 65, of Millsboro was charged with two felony counts of Theft over $100,000 ($376,660 total). James Gallagher, 65, of Millsboro was charged with two felony counts of Theft over $1,500.00 ($13,000 total). Edward Mazewski, 69, of Millsboro was charged with two felony counts of Theft over $1,500 ($20,000 total). Michael Rooney, 66, of Georgetown was charged with two felony counts of Theft over $1,500 ($13,000 total). Charles Nimmericher, 53, of Millsboro was charged with a misdemeanor count of Theft under 1,500 ($400 total).

All five of the living suspects were arraigned and released pending a later court date. The sixth suspect was identified for allegedly stealing $218,040 in funds, but his name was not released by the DGE.

My church once ran some kind of raffle thing and we did have to report stuff to the state. Thus I assume that the American Legion was conducting some kind of charity gambling thing.

Delaware’s rule was, at least back in my day, that charitable organizations don’t have to pay taxes or fork over a percentage of their winnings, however it’s done.

So I suppose that the gaming commission was brought in on this thing because of the suspected embezzlement. Though, I dunno, perhaps the American Legion is not considered a charitable organization and the gaming commission again was the people to do the investigating.

I got to wonder why one of the suspects was not named…..the dead one it would seem but is there some kind of rule that if you get caught stealing after you’re dead you get to remain anonymous?

Finally, I just got to mention former WGMD afternoon guy, Bill Colley, chastised his friends on Facebook, warning us that those fine guys at the American Legion often had to put up funds ahead of time to get reimbursed later.

Bill! One of these guys stole over $300,000! THAT’S NOT THE NAPKIN BILL WAITING TO BE REIMBURSED!


What a shame putting the good name of the American Legion in the dump like this.

This story has rocked Sussex County.

Sussex County Secrets

This is a new feature, don’t know how long it will last, but I think yon readers need to know some things I have discovered over the years.

-The best wings can be bought at Walmart, in Georgetown. Salt and vinegar wings they are, great taste and they re-heat well.

-The best chicken salad is -obtained at Food Lion in Milton. When purchasing chicken salad, always buy from a grocer that sells rotisserie chicken in the store. Cause that’s what they make the chicken salad out of.

-Why do Delawareans HATE to go around vehicles in front of them making left turns?

If you’re two or three cars behind those reluctant go-arounders it gets scary. Because to pull out that far back to go around risks those closer to the turning car pulling out to also go around.

This never happened in Merryland.

-Have you noticed that Sussex county rapidly is turning into the craft beer and wine brewery anywhere around? Not that I have any problem with this.

Man I got the 16Mile people around the corner, there’s one down on Route 9 away. And of course there’s that church with the red door about to be turned into a restaurant/brewery.

Another sign that Sussex county is turning tourist….NOT agricultural.

Cool Picture

deltidbits4.11.16ruthkingfirstinauguralRep. Ruth King’s brother put up this picture of his sister for siblings day and I could not resist.

I remember when Ruth got elected. Back then she was MY representative.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Keeping an eye on Sussex county council coming up soon.

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