Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 4/13/16 Edition

Guess who is a super-delegate at the upcoming Delaware state GOP convention? The lowdown on the Chancery court as only I could describe and of course comment on the Overbrook Town Center denial.


Overbrook Town Center Turned Down by Sussex County Council

deltidbits4.12.16sussexbuzsignSam Wilson is running for re-election and someone must have told him to stand by the farms or he’ll be driven out of there.

For Sam regularly launches into rants about private property rights and our pursuit of happiness in enjoyment of our land. Even if it means selling your land to developers to build a shopping center.

Of course it’s the job of the county council to oversee such as big shopping centers. But they should be a bit more studied about it, rather than kowtowing to the hysterical NIMBY nuts who won’t have anything changed now that they’ve moved in.

Except of the neighbor behind me who immediately took me to court to remove my fence been there 15 years, ask me to pay $5,000 for their lawyer and never mind the hell my legal survey which nobody even looked at….all for nine square feet of land but I digress.

Rob Arlett is the only member of the council to vote FOR the Overbrook Town Center which would bring a vibrant commerce and jobs to this area.

As for the other four, beginning with Sam Wilson, vote them the hell outta there. Don’t worry about Joan Deaver, she’s already out of there.

Anyway, a former co-Blogger of mine, Frank Knotts, wrote a most excellent article on this Overbrook thing so I will put the link to HIS article because why should I write it again?


NaHA Nacee-Who is he….and is he a Republican?

He just popped up out of nowhere it seems and I read a Facebook post of his that will change the world.

From WDEL.com:

My comments are inserted in bold in this snippet from Nacee’s alleged platform.

My platform is centered on ending the status quo in government and end cronyism, improving opportunities for young people to gain skills for various trades and crafts and end the racist practices in hiring for skilled laborers.
Here is the condensed version of how to achieve the central elements of my platform:

1. County Offices:
Decentralize New Castle County Government into regional offices located in all 12 districts and led by Public Servants to better serve the best interest of all New Castle County citizens.
public servants? UNELECTED people to run the government?

2. County Departments:
Reorganize and modernize all county departments to eliminate all none essential positions in the upper deltidbits4.13.16naceeleadership ranks in all departments and the executive’s office to save $8-16 million dollars and use the funds to offer opportunities of employment for 200-400 High School students in Apprenticeship programs for various trades. Opportunities will be created to hire College and University students to fill in Engineering and Architectural positions.

well I’m with him as he begins with a plan to modernize the bureaucracy but then he wants to hire students for apprenticeship programs for various trades? This is entirely too vague.

3. County Libraries:
Reorganize and Modernize Libraries and transform them into Vocational/Technical centers to provide easy access to any citizens of New Castle County willing to learn new skills and technologies especially for the unemployed, the underemployed and the those living in the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

I am totally against libraries and this absurd race to build bigger and more magnificent edifaces to house books that everyone reads electronically in today’s tech world. Georgetown only needs to add turrets to that Taj Mahal thing they built that they now use as a homeless motel. So on this, Nacee, I’m not with you.

4. Land Use Department:
Reorganize and Modernize Land Use department to develop a standard SOP for each regional office will be published and will specifically state exactly how the process must flow and the exact time required for each step of the process. The process of approval for projects should be simple and transparent and it should take days or weeks depending on the size of the project and not months or years.
Well this sounds good but meh….they all say this.

I am only mildly interested in this because of the infamous Tom Wagner and his involvement in the sign and section 8 nonsense , covered on this Blog HERE
I figured a Republican challenger might have a chance what with this scandal brewing but no….I don’t think Nacee is a liberal in GOP clothing.

But I wish him luck because he can’t be worse than that lying turd Wagner and that Long-Hall gang of thugs.
This Chancery Court Thing
I read a post by Judson Bennett recently and while the subject was a bit dreary for most people, including me, once I got a bug in my mind for what’s it all about I am intrigued.

My intrigue begins with the fact that it’s a court and courts in Delaware are all corrupt, it’s my story, and mine alone, but I’m sticking to it.

Merryland has much more honest courts than Delaware and believe me I spent a lifetime at times in Baltimore rent court.

So I read Wikipedia for Chancery Court and I kind of get it. The name comes from “Chancellor” which is some old English bigwig charged with settling matters.

Chancery Court is charged, specifically, with administering contested wills and handling inheritances of insane people.

Seriously, that’s what one Wikipedia entry says. It does explain the connection to such as wills and estates because that’s the problem with a judge on this Chancery Court.

“The Court of Chancery has jurisdiction to hear and determine all matters and causes in equity. The general equity jurisdiction of the Court is measured in terms of the general equity jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery of Great Britain as it existed prior to the separation of the American colonies. The General Assembly may confer upon the Court of Chancery additional statutory jurisdiction. In today’s practice, the litigation in the Court of Chancery consists largely of corporate matters, trusts, estates, and other fiduciary matters, disputes involving the purchase and sale of land, questions of title to real estate, and commercial and contractual matters in general. When issues of fact to be tried by a jury arise, the Court of Chancery may order such facts to trial by issues at the Bar of the Superior Court of Delaware. (10 Del. C., 369).”[1]

So we know that Family court is a joke in Delaware and the Superior court won’t even look at legal land surveys so throw them out.

Now yet another Delaware court seems to be occupied by a fellow who has a lot of chums needing a job.

This story involves the Sussex county Recorder of Wills or whatever they call it this week, headed by legally elected Cindy Green. I am only involved in this peripherally yon readers, but I do get input from various players, including the former head of that office who sings with me in our church choir.


Logic and common sense from here to Monday would dictate that it would obviously make sense to have Cindy request the replacement for this important position.

Only it turns out that the Delaware Chancery Court is charged with this sort of thing if it isn’t an elected office. Silly Sussex county insists on electing people as often as we can and that does annoy the folks upstate and particularly the Delaware courts, who can get even and inflict pain.

One of the chancellors in the Delaware Chancery court, Andre Bouchard, man this guy has friends all over the place and if any of them need a job he’s happy to accommodate.

He’s already sent three replacements for my choir friend and some of them were nice people, some of them partly qualified. If Cindy Green, Sussex county’s elected head of the Recorder of Wills, had the chance to give her request to the Chancery Court….as all business does, go on…..common damn sense….well that office would be running smooth by now.

So the Sussex county’s Recorder of Wills’ office is constantly training Chancellor Bouchard’s Saturday night poker playing buddies as this one works, this one not so much….but hey, they’re all buddies of Bouchard.

Judson Bennett’s story concerned yet another case that Chancellor Bouchard is involved in and don’t you know ole Andre sends in his wife’s hairdresser’s son-in-law to run a many-millioned dollar company that specializes in international translation.

Turns out that in disputes between owners of corporations it is the Chancery court that decides the outcome. In the case of the translation company, one of the owners of the company wanted out. Seems she requested too outrageous a sum (at least as the co-owner saw it) and in the judicial process a replacement was sent in to run the company.

That was Bouchard’s wife’s hairdresser’s son-in-law. Turns out he took four years of french in high school.

Is this really the sort of reputation we want for Delaware’s court, a haven for unqualified cronies to get a gig?

Understand here that my summary above, wrapped with tongue-in-cheek. Judson Bennett’s article was filled with detail, including all company names and litigant identities.

He promises much more to come on this case.

We’ll be watching because if it’s one thing we know in Delaware, the courts have ALL the power.

The Saga of the GOP convention tickets

Folks, allow me to announce here that I will be serving as a delegate for the state of Delaware GOP convention.

This is a position which means basically nothing this year except to cast votes as dictated by the primary.

Not that I’m complaining. This is the way it ought to be. Also we will elect the representatives to the national convention in Cleveland and this will be interesting.

But let us hope that my purchase of tickets online will not be an indicator of things to come.

And let me not tell people I am a super-delegate, although I did just that because….well I thought I was.

My bff Linda Creasy told me I am thinking of something called an “at-large” delegate but turns out I wasn’t even one of them.

I am a delegate from the Greenwood district, God bless, I only know that place when I’m driving to Baltimore.

I also got so messed up buying tickets, goodness.

But I am going to mingle and hobnob like a good Blogger so keep eye here for details.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : More tidbits, Sunday political talk show

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