What’s going on in the Delaware legislature? Those guys love to make laws, let’s check up on what they’re up to. The 4/18/16 Edition

Sexually transmitted disease can now be released, but you can’t divorce your same-sex spouse when suddenly discovered. Delaware legislature takes it all on….click in to find out much more.

SB14-Why Wouldn’t the Delaware Senate Pass This?

This bill was introduced in January 2015 and is evidently the bill that the Sussex people tried to get through to allow Punkin’ Chunkin’.

This Act is intended to promote the development of Special Events hosted by non-profit organizations not more often than once per calendar year by placing a liability cap on noneconomic damages [like pain and suffering] awarded for personal injury or wrongful death. There is no limitation on economic damages [like lost wages and medical bills], nor is there any limitation where gross negligence or intentional actions cause the damages, nor does it limit punitive damages. The cap on noneconomic damages begins at $1,000,000 and increases each calendar year by 1.5% except that multiple claimants under a wrongful death action may be awarded a total of 250% of that cap.
This Act is similar to the Maryland noneconomic damages cap. However, unlike Maryland’s cap, Delaware’s cap only applies to Special Events held by non-profits not more than once per year.

When someone denies that the lawyers don’t own this damn state, re-read the above. Even freaking Merryland has a cap on non-economic damages and their cap is for EVERYTHING.

So the Delaware legal nothing burgers couldn’t put a non-economical cap on just charity events.

Let us not forget how our northern elected legislators gave Sussex county a hand and pay them back the same when needed.

SB227-Throwing More Money at Libraries


This bill clarifies that the Delaware Division of Libraries has taken increased responsibility for coordinating state library technology over the last decade. This bill also provides an amendment for new major library construction projects which provides matching funding for these initial projects to acquire new technology and book collection materials not attached to the physical structure of the building.

I rant and rave about the needlessness of libraries and they build a Taj Mahal in Georgetown and now Lewes, ritzy and full of itself, has to build a new library cause can’t have Georgetown with that big thing when their library was perfectly fine.

Anyway, get over the library thing legislators. Buy everyone in Delaware a new Kindle and give them an Amazon account.

SB222-Destroying Your Property …I Know it well.

Civil forfeiture laws represent one of the most serious assaults on private property rights in the nation today. Under civil forfeiture, police and prosecutors can seize your car or other property, sell it and use the proceeds to fund agency budgets—often without so much as charging you with a crime. This Act protects individual liberty and property rights by standardizing forfeitures across all crimes, simplifying procedures, and addressing counterproductive incentives in the law that distort policing priorities. Importantly, this Act does not change the authority of law enforcement to seize property suspected of being associated with crime or limit in any way prosecutors’ ability to charge and prosecute suspected criminals. Moreover, it ensures that those individuals proven guilty of a crime do not keep the fruits of their crime. In doing so, it strikes the right balance between the individual property rights and public safety.

Read that bolded part yon reader.

What the hell?

They can take our property to pay the budget?

And don’t think they won’t cause the county sent a Constable out here demanding I tear down my fence and I had not one chance to defend myself, found guilty…..boom, now fence must be tore down.

Forget my legal survey. Even though I went to court, no one even looked at it.

Now I understand that drug dealers have big bucks gained from illegal activities and such. This is what this law is about but it does not make sense to me.

Taiwan-Sister City for Delaware?


Now I’m not sure if Taiwan is a country, state or what.

But damn, Taiwan is Delaware’s sister….eh…whatever.


HB320-Same sex preference no grounds for divorce?

This bill removes “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” from the definition of misconduct that may be used as grounds for a divorce.

Well I’ll go along with homosexuality and lesbianism not being misconduct but yon readers, I find my husband in bed with another man I’m divorcing his ass.

Who in Delaware demanded this stupid law?


Reps. Baumbach, Heffernan, Kowalko, Longhurst, Osienski, Schwartzkopf, B. Short, Viola; Sens. Blevins, Cloutier, Lavelle, Peterson, Townsend

hb239-Death from Drugs

This bill creates the crime of Drug Dealing – Resulting in death. This purpose of this bill is to dellegis4.17.16drugslegaladdress the recent spike in deaths resulting from substances such as heroin and fentanyl.

I am very disappointed that Rep. Ruth Briggs King is a sponsor of this bill.

Come on Ruthie! If a guy is a drug dealer he’s a freaking drug dealer! If a drug user dies from using a drug….it’s not the drug dealer’s fault. The drug dealer did not forced the victim to take the drugs.

You want to increase the penalty for dealing in heroin and such….fine. But to define crimes by whether some idiot dies by their own hand is obscene.

HB321–Release of Sexual history

This bill has very few sponsors and one of them is Hall-Long, the legislator married to the sign-stealing nutjob.

Let anything that loser is associated with also be a losing cause.

Really, make it a law, why not? NO LAWS FROM THE NUTS IN THE HALL-LONG HOUSEHOLD.

This Act clarifies the authority of the Division of Public Health to release sexually transmitted disease reports to medical personnel for the purpose of providing health care to the subject of those reports, and that such reports may be distributed for this purpose through an electronic health information exchange, such as the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN).

I must suppose that a person with a sexually transmitted disease should have that information in their bill of health.

In fact, goodness, with Obamacare, nothing is private anymore.

It’s interesting how few legislators wants to get involved with this.

HB323-Clarifying Who is a Dentist

This bill updates the Delaware Code relating to the Delaware Board of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene regarding the exemption from unlicensed practice for owners and operators of non-profit tax exempt organizations that provide dental care. The current statute prevents such facilities from charging any fees for service and limits such facilities to those affiliated with a hospital. In addition, in its current form, the statute appears to allow such owners and operators to perform dental services regardless of the individual’s qualifications.

It looks like there is, somewhere, an army of volunteers that provide dental care free of charge.

Who would go to such a place?

Anyway, fear not for he who goes into your mouth will soon not also be your landscaper.

HB325-Be suspicious of so-called gun loopholes

This bill closes a loophole to our gun background check laws. The current loophole allows for guns to be given to a potential purchaser if the background check is delayed for 3 days or more. In some cases a gun is given to a person who should not be in possession of a firearm. This leads to law enforcement having to retrieve a gun from a person prohibited if the background check provides that a person should not have a gun.

First, why would a background check be delayed for longer than….say an hour?

I purchased a gun and they called up this number and boom, with little wait it was approved.

So why would a background check take so long that now we got to make a law against releasing the gun anyway?

Could the bureaucracy be so slow and now we must suffer, WE MUST SUFFER?

Cause next, trust me, ALL GUN PURCHASES will have delayed background checks.

Boom, instant gun control.

SB226-Damn Shame We Got to Do This


The work of the Behavioral and Mental Health Task Force indicated a greater need for psychiatric services statewide. This Act meets this need by eliminating the need for additional review by the Delaware Health Resources Board for a 90 bed psychiatric hospital in Georgetown, which previously received a certificate of public review by the Board.

Under Section 2 of this Act, the Act sunsets on December 31, 2020.

Well I take back all the bad things I said about Hall-Long as she is primary sponsor of this thing.

What the hell did those assholes think they were doing by demanding “additional reveiew” for a much needed mental hospital in Georgetown….WHERE WE HAVE NONE?

I’ll give you one more reason to build the thing….MY DAUGHTER WILL KEEP IT IN BUSINESS!

This bill has passed the Senate….GOOD!


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