What’s going on in the Delaware legislature? Those guys love to make laws, let’s check up on what they’re up to. The 4/25/16 Edition

We got some good laws proposed, some bad ones, quite a few that make no sense to this humble Blogger. Whether it’s horse racing or creating new transportation zones, the Delaware legislature is on it and it’s not always good.


I will tell you true, this bill makes no sense to me. It is sponsored by a bunch of liberals and that’s telling:
Reps. Baumbach, Bennett, Bolden, Heffernan, Kowalko, Lynn, Mulrooney, Paradee, K. Williams; Sens. Blevins, Peterson, Townsend

The text of the law is very cryptic.

This bill makes it an unlawful employment practice for an employer to require an employee to not disclose his or her wages.

So if I am working for Joe Blow’s plumbing (I got plumbing on my mind because my water heater is leaking) and Joe Blow tells me I can’t reveal what he’s paying me….this bill will make what Joe Blow is requiring of me illegal.

I got to wonder why an employer would not allow a person to reveal what they make but then I’m not a famous TV star or anything.

I do ponder why this needs to be made into law and what unintended consequences of it, should it pass, will occur down the road.

This bill is in the House labor committee.

HB328-THIS bill is sponsored by the more conservative legislators. Let’s digest.

When a person is convicted of a hit-and-run that resulted in injuries to the other driver, they are currently only subject to the charge of an unclassified misdemeanor. This bill will change the charge to a class G felony in order to bring the charge in line with the gravity of the crime committed.

What? First, a jerk hits another car, causing injury to the driver, and drives off, leaving the injured driver to fend with it his or her self.

Why on earth was this ever an “un classified misdemeanor”?

The more conservative types seem to pass laws that make some sense:
Reps. D. Short, Hudson, Dukes, Wilson; Sen. Hocker

This bill is currently in the House Homeland Security Committee.

hb329-Once again we must sell our first-born to get over the counter cough medicine.

This bill will ban the sale of dextromethorphan (DXM) to those under 18 years of age without a prescription to help combat the small number of teens who abuse DXM. Every year, millions of Americans use over-the-counter (OTC) medicines containing DXM to relieve cough symptoms. Cough medicine with DXM has been available over the counter in the United States for more than 50 years and is safe and effective when taken as recommended. This would maintain access to effective OTC cough medicine for Delawareans who use it to treat cough symptoms associated with colds and the flu while limiting access to the adolescents who might abuse it.

This new method of preventing asshole adolescents from drinking cough syrup or other over-the-counter medicines because they have nothing better to do is getting old.

If you try to buy Mucinex, people, yeah that OTC med represented in commercials as green snot, you got to sign half your life away.

Now we will have to show our driver’s license, social security card, state where we lost our virginity and provide the name of our first dog to purchase a jar of Vicks cough syrup!

Now I do understand the issue here. But I’m fighting back any passage of laws that will require us to sell our souls just to live a normal life.

This bill passed last week so be ready to be strip-searched to buy a jar of cough syrup.

I am very surprised that Rep. Hocker was a sponsor of this bill.


I must suppose that somewhere it says that pari-mutuel wagering is only allowed at so-called “flat” racing and this bill will allow betting on harness racing.

I LOVE HARNESS RACING! And I spent a lifetime watching and betting on it as I am from Merryland I grew up around horse racing.

Harness racing is a great sport and of course betting should be allowed on this type of racing, goodness, who on earth cut it out?

This bill will clarify that pari-mutuel wagering is allowed at all types of horse racing events, whether harness racing or horse racing.

This bill is currently in the agriculture committee….I have no idea why the agriculture committee.

sb123-Rent Justification?

I understand this bill but I don’t like it.

Establishing, right now, that I spent many years representing a prominent manufactured home park owner and I know the trials and tribulations and drawbacks.

This Bill establishes a formula for rent increase based on capital improvements and clarifies that community owners may recoup certain capital costs as increased rent without increasing base rent in perpetuity.

See, you buy a manufactured home, you need some place to put it. Somewhere, somebody owns a park just for such a need.

But you got to pay rent for the space because….well it’s capitalism.

Only manufactured homes are not that easy to lift up and move should the landlord get on your last nerve or the neighborhood goes to the dogs.

So already a manufactured home owner made a bad choice by putting such a immobile object on someone else’s land but then they form an organization, they boo hoo to the TV stations, get a couple of old ladies sobbing that once again the rent went up and they are on fixed incomes.

The landowner must now justify all rent increases like the owner of the apartment building never has to do and the gubmint gets involved where it shouldn’t ought to be.

Now THIS law is kind of fair to the manufactured home park owner in that it allows the landlord to recoup some capital costs required to maintain the park……perhaps re-paving the roads within or some such.

The landlord can now raise the rent for a couple of years, enough to recoup that capital outlay and then reduce it once the cost is recouped.

This way the boo hooing widows won’t have to pay, via increased land rental, for the re-paving for the rest of their lives.

At any rate, not only should this NOT be a law, the gubmint should keep out of private business.

If those legislators really want to help Grandma not get trapped with endless land rental increases by teaching her the pitfalls of putting a big manufactured home on someone else’s land.


Teach them this yon legislators that they make wise decisions.

This bill was just submitted.

scr71-Honoring Ireland

I myself am Irish so this certainly is not an insult.dellegis4.24.16ireland

But why Ireland?

Does the Delaware legislature also honor Poland? Or Italy?


Enquiring minds want to know.

hb236-Disabled Veterans Get School Property Tax Exemption

This bill will allow for a school property tax exemption for a person of any age who has been designated as a disabled veteran by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

dellegis4.24.16veteranThis is a great idea, once again sponsored by the more conservative types in the Delaware legislture:
Reps. D. Short, Briggs King, Wilson, Jaques; Sens. Hocker, Marshall, Richardson.

What I find odd is that I was disabled and eligible for disability payments AND that aforementioned school property tax exemption.

If a veteran is disabled, as declared by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs wouldn’t they also be disabled via social security?

This seems like an un-necessary law but I dunno, maybe you can be declared disabled by the Veterans Affairs Dept and NOT social security.

Seems confusing to me.

This bill is now out of committee.

hb307-Why doesn’t a Cosmetologist get a similar break on license fees?

In 2015, the Legislature enacted the one-time fee of no more than $100 for an educator’s first license in Delaware. This Bill provides a waiver for graduates of Delaware high schools and graduates of teacher preparatory programs located in Delaware.

First of all, why one earth does an “educator” have to buy a license fee at all? If the individual graduated from the proper educational institutes to teach, why do they have to buy a license?

Now we exempting those educators who graduated from Delaware schools and that’s fine.

But a cosmetologist , or a barber, or any one of any number of professions, also require a license to practice their craft.

Why don’t they get a break on this fee if they graduated from Delaware institutions?

Maybe we’ll ask these people:Reps. Brady, Briggs King, Dukes, Heffernan, Keeley, Kenton, Kowalko, Lynn, Mitchell, Paradee, B. Short, Spiegelman; Sens. Henry, Richardson

sb130-A Hot Mess

Any time you got a bureaucracy getting knee deep in stuff like the below you got a mess.

This Act defines criteria for a local government to enter into an agreement with the Department of Transportation (“Department”) to create transit-oriented development districts, called Complete Community Enterprise Districts (“District”), for the purposes of promoting economic development. A District may be designated in downtown or urban core areas, traditional towns or villages, or regional activity centers. A District is characterized by its mix of land uses, efficient use of public infrastructure, efficient use of public services, and multiple modes of public transportation combined with environmentally friendly private transportation.

There are all kind of provisions that the local towns have the final say, that no one shall dye their hair red, that there will be bike paths and rose-strewn parks…..on and on and on.

On the surface it’s a good idea, one might argue. Goodness Sussex county is a mess of roads and highways and byways. Once Sussex county was farm country.

People nearby discover the ocean and retirees like the low property tax and before you know we got roads that don’t work and more roads we need, perhaps some mass transportation.

I’m wary of anything with a bute name like “Complete Community Enterprise Districts”.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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