Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 4/27/16 Edition

Why haven’t they arrested the murderers of that young girl in Wilmington yet? They know who did it! And why does a thief get PAID leave after being caught stealing? This and much more including the name of the ONLY Republican to vote to restrict our gun rights.

Donald Trump comes to Delmarva

And won the Delaware primary with a 60%+ margin! I voted for him because Ted Cruz aligning with that arrogant asshole from Ohio, Kasich, turned me off completely. Up until that stupid move I was a Cruz voter.


What’s going on with this outright murder?

delpoli4.27.16policechiefFolks, read the below all the way through because something just ain’t right about this blatant murder.

First, the grumbles are that nobody “meant” to kill Amy Joyner-Francis.


I note the murderers of this girl, a girl whose head they freaking smashed into a sink for God’s sake, and the force killed her, are Muslim.

I’m jus’ sayin’.


Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings on Monday said charges are expected are expected by the end of the week in the death of Amy Joyner-Francis, a 16-year-old student at Howard High School of Technology.

Speaking to a crowd of parents and community members at Stubbs Elementary School, Cummings said investigators are still reviewing social media, conducting interviews with “several witnesses” and waiting for word from the Delaware Attorney General’s office about the case.

“One of the things we did not want to do is rush to judgment and press charges that could possibly be overturned,” he said.

Although he declined to announce any major findings in the case, Cummings said he’s not sure whether the “kids” involved in the incident intended to kill Joyner-Francis. Multiple persons of interest have been identified by authorities.

“I don’t know that they truly understood their actions but there are heavy consequences they will have to pay as a result of this,” he said.

Joyner-Francis died last week as she was being transported via helicopter to A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. Police said she had been involved in a fight in a school bathroom prior to the start of classes.

Grief counseling had been offered to students Friday, the day after Joyner-Francis’ death. Monday was the first day that students returned to classes.

Howard Principal Stanley Spoor said the last few days have been “incredibly trying” for the school community.

“It’s a priority to make sure that our students and staff have the necessary supports, counseling services to help them through this incredibly difficult time,” he said.

New Castle County Vo-Tech school district officials said earlier in the day that 90 percent of the student body attended classes on Monday.

The school will not be open Tuesday because of the presidential primary elections in Delaware.

Parent Qawi Muhammed said both of his daughters who attend Howard are expected to head back to school on Wednesday, though he believes the school’s administration needs to be held accountable and more hall monitors should be put in place.

Still, he said parents need to take some responsibility in teaching kids to be more respectful of one another.

“I believe that (parents need to) sit down with your children and teach them the difference between reality, reality TV and fantasy,” he said.

Joyner-Francis’ death garnered national attention. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledged it earlier in the day during a campaign event in Wilmington.

Ashley Biden, daughter of Vice President Joe Biden and executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice, attended the event and said the incident had shaken her. She felt it emphasized the need for nonprofits to look at ways to fund programs like peer mentoring that are developed in part by the intended participants.

“We need to have a roundtable with all the young people who are affected by this. Have them develop the program,” she said, noting that adults in charge of nonprofits should be focused on helping find financial support for the ideas presented in the discussions.

The meeting was primarily attended by adults and leaders of community groups, a cause for concern to Keith James, a non-violence advocate who heads the group Voices 4 the Voiceless.

“I’m not understanding how beneficial this is going to be if we’re not talking to the ones who are hurting and the ones who are doing the hurting,” he said

I mean they got grief counseling and all kinds of nonsense going on but how about this? ARREST THE ONES WHO MURDERED THE GIRL!!!

Just a suggestion.

John Brady to quit marriage office and join Register of Wills

Well at least he’s from Sussex county for God’s sake. It only took Chancery court Justice Andre Bouchard FOUR FREAKING TRIES TO GET IT RIGHT!deltidbits4.18.16johnbrady

From Delawareonline.com.

DNREC supreme court overrules this agency’s on-the-fly waste water rules.

Dear Lord somebody FIRE ALL THESE PEOPLE!

DNREC, which wants to be the EPA when it grows up, OWNS THIS STATE.

Even with the Delaware Supreme court telling them they are in violation of Delaware state law that requires transparency for all bureaucratic rules they are keeping their illegal rules. But DNREC can’t be bothered with being honest.

This is an example of a bureaucracy gone nuts and this citizen resents it.

Developers and other opponents say the regulations are overly complex, have vastly increased the cost of building even modest structures, and have had a chilling effect on economic development.

Critics have also charged that DNREC uses the regulations to wrest money from applicants, allowing them to pay large fees to the agency in lieu of compliance.

State Rep. Rich Collins, R-Millsboro, who helped organize the original Baker v. DNREC lawsuit, said he was surprised the Supreme Court was able to consider the case and deliver a decision in just two days. “It was obvious they did not have a hard time making up their minds,” he said.

However, Rep. Collins added that he was extremely disappointed DNREC chose to re-issue the same rules as emergency regulations and said the action was highly suspect.

“I don’t believe it is legal to use an emergency regulation in this fashion,” Rep. Collins said. “Such regulations are only supposed to be issued to protect public health, safety and welfare. That is not the case here. I believe DNREC is misusing this power and ignoring both courts’ decisions simply to advance their own agenda and maintain their own invalid rules.”

Barring any further legal action, the interim regulations DNREC adopted today can be in effect for 120 days and may be extended for an additional 60 days.

In a release issued late today, DNREC officials said they could not revert to previous versions of the stormwater regulations because many of the projects submitted over the last two years would not be compliant with the previous 2006 version of the rules.

“She Works Hard for the Money


Indeed folks, the Hillary campaign is nuts, out of control, and with a little help from our very intelligent, awe-inspiring Senator Tom Carper leads a rendition of “She works hard for the money” as response to Hillary’s many thousands of dollars she gets from her speeches.

a rendition of this horror can be found here.

Bernie Sanders, a wimp if ever there was one, keeps requesting copies of Hillary’s speeches but she will not provide.

Of course not. Because all she does is praise the likes of Goldman-Sachs, which she vilifies in public but praises when they are bribing, oops, paying her for a speech.

Why PAID leave?

Kudos to 105.9 for getting this story.

Second, this guy stole money from the Brandywine school district AND STILL THE INDIAN RIVER PEOPLE HIRE HIM?

Now he can sit home, watch TV, and get paid.

If I steal from my employer can I get the same thing?

EXCLUSIVE: Chief Financial Officer for IRSD Placed on Paid Administrative Leave

By Kelli Steele

The chief financial officer for the Indian River School District is placed on paid administrative leave.

Delaware 105-9 News learned from a source on Tuesday that Patrick Miller was NOT in attendance and did not present financial reports at this past Monday night’s regular monthly meeting for April.

Delaware 105-9 News reached out to Superintendent Doctor Susan Bunting to find out why Miller did NOT present the reports; she sent us the following statement today (Wednesday):

“Effective April 24, 2016, Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Indian River School District; in Mr. Miller’s absence, the district is receiving assistance from another local school district and will continue to conduct its financial business as usual. State and federal laws protecting the privacy rights of employees prevent the district from commenting further on this issue at this time.”

Miller came to the Indian River School District from the Brandywine School District where he resigned from his position as acting supervisor of the business office in September 1998, after he pleaded NO contest to a criminal charge arising of of the State Auditor’s nearly two-year investigation of District finances.

Miller was ordered by Superior Court Judge Carl Goldstein to perform 100 hours of community service and serve a year of supervised probation.

Had Miller gone to trial, internet reports from Delaforum report that a witness had been scheduled to testify under oath and release details of a scandal which gripped the Brandywine School District from disclosure of an audit in March 1999 until the final report was published in September 2000.

Fire Chief throwing in hate for 33rd representative district.

He will be replacing Rep. Peterman, who is not running for re-election.

We’ll be seeking an interview with him soon.

delpoli4.27.16scott33districtFormer Houston Fire Department Chief Robert Scott will today (Wednesday), officially announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Representative from the 33rd District.

Scott says he met with Representative Jack Peterman who told him he would NOT seek re-election; Peterman also wrote a letter of endorsement to Scott who then sent it to the voters in the 33rd District.

Scott will announce his candidacy today at 11 o’clock at the Carlisle Fire Hall in Milford.

Scott currently owns and operates his own small business, MLH Treasures in Harrington.

Why did Steve Smyk vote for this?

It’s House bill 325 and it’s a stupid law. Why make someone wait 30 days to purchase a firearm?

And worse, why on earth did MY Rep, Steve Smyk, vote for it?

Note he’s the only Republican voting for this thing.

I am not happy.

Why not give locals a break on this parking mess?
Effective May 1 the parking meters go into effect in Lewes. You must feed the meter monster from 9 am to 6pm at a rate of a buck an hour.

How about us locals get a chance to use the beach and such until Memorial day without having to pay?

I’m jus’ sayin’.

Lacey Lafferty Fundraiser

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