What’s going on in the Delaware legislature? Those guys love to make laws, let’s check up on what they’re up to. The 5/7/16 Edition-Part 1

We got so many laws going on up in Leghall that I need TWO Blog posts to cover. Georgetown gets mini legHall, more license plates for Delaware.

Why did this take so long?

New Law Will Help Schools, Towns Collect Money Owed

Delaware school districts, counties, and municipalities now have a new way to collect money that is owed them.

The recently enacted House Bill 85 will allow delinquent school and local taxes to be collected through a mechanism known as “tax intercept.” The practice allows state income tax refunds due to individuals owing taxes to be diverted to satisfy those debts.

“When I introduced this bill again last year, schools throughout the state were collectively due more than $32 million over the previous five years — about a quarter of that in Sussex County alone,” Rep. Short said.

Introduced in the General Assembly by Rep. Short three times since 2012, the third time proved to be the charm for his tax intercept bill.

“I’m surprised it took so long,” he said. “We use this for other entities in the state and now schools and local governments will also be able to employ this common-sense approach to collecting from those in arrears that have the means to pay.”

Kudos to Danny Short for persevering on this.

Why are people allowed to owe property tax bills?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I learn, about two years too late, that MY name came up on a property tax bill past due and twas true.

I did not even know money was due on the Fawn lane house that I co-own with my daughter. Below is a copy of my check, that I obtained from my bank then had to go down to the Circle and get it all straight.

Bit I PAID the tax bill in time though somebody, and I know who it was, put my name out there.

So don’t assume the county has things right. It looked to me like the account number on this payment was wrong but like I told the girl she had to find out who got the credit for the tax I paid.

“It don’t matter,” she said, which, to me it did not because they promptly gave me credit for payment and wrote off the late fee.

Funny thing about this was, she acted almost like this was expected.

I suspect that somebody was playing with numbers and now what with every court in this county finding me guilty from building fences on others’ property to murdering my husband I’m beginning to think someone’s after me.

Just so y’all know when something bad really DOES happen to me, here it is all in public and everything.

Georgetown State Legislators Office

Well I am delighted over this!

The Delaware legislature decided to play “let’s pretend Sussex county is part of Delaware” and now our legislators have their own office.

I plan to visit real soon, get some pictures.

HB257-Were electricians exempt

I always get a little uptight when people have to get shit from the gubmint just to do their damn job.

Though, yes, I understand you can’t crazy Uncle Jack wiring houses or Aunt Mimi who thinks she’s a witch doing hair.

But all the time, laws about licenses, laws about who can have licenses, laws about the cost of licenses.

My pet peeve and I like to keep eagle eye on these pain in the ass laws.

Which is why they’re after me. Bureaucracies can strike back viciously and you can’t UNELECT them.

This bill allows agents of the Division of Professional Regulation to inspect persons providing electrical services to ensure compliance with the laws relating to electrical services in Title 24 of the Delaware Code.

HB270-Another Bureaucracy

Speaking of….

This Act amends the Telemarketing Fraud Act, Chapter 25A of Title 6, to enable the Consumer Protection Unit (“CPU”) of the Delaware Department of Justice, which enforces the Telemarketing Fraud Act, to act to protect Delaware residents who receive telemarketing calls by enabling CPU to deny registrations, revoke existing registrations, or deny registration renewals for telemarketing sellers, telemarketing businesses, or individual telemarketers who have engaged in any of the specified improper activities identified in this Act, including:

(1) Making false statements in applications.
(2) Violating the Telemarketing Fraud Act, the similar law of another state, or the federal Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act.
(3) Being convicted for racketeering, securities laws violations, theft, fraud, forgery, or any other offense involving falsehood or deception.

To accomplish this goal, this Act also amends the Telemarketing Fraud Act to require telemarketing sellers and telemarketing businesses to obtain a certificate of registration from CPU before transacting any telemarketing business with Delaware customers, and renew that registration annually.

I mean this law lasts forever and ever and involves five other laws.

All because …..well I’ll be nice. But to constantly pass laws to protect stupid people will only make us ALL stupid.

HB325-only one Republican voted for it.

On the surface this seems like a good idea.

delpoli4.26.16smykgunvoteI despise it and am a bit angry at my own Representative Steve Smyk who voted FOR this bill….the only Republican I might add.

This bill closes a loophole to our gun background check laws. The current loophole allows for guns to be given to a potential purchaser if the background check is delayed for 3 days or more. In some cases a gun is given to a person who should not be in possession of a firearm. This leads to law enforcement having to retrieve a gun from a person prohibited if the background check provides that a person should not have a gun.

This looks to me like a perfect way to play games, just get the bureaucracy to dredge up any damn excuse and extend 30 more days if needed.

Whenever the liberals mess with any kind of gun law, trust they are taking away our rights.

HB354-Wilmington doesn’t want the money

Wilmington doesn’t want the restrictions applied for distribution of these funds to aid in that town’s huge crime problem.

Covered on my Blog here

This bill rescinds the $1,515,600 in bank settlement funds previously allocated to the City of Wilmington by the Joint Finance Committee due to the City’s decision not to accept the funds as conditioned. The funds will now be distributed consisted with annual grant-in-aid funds offered to the State Aid to Local Enforcement Committee for the Emergency Illegal Drug Enforcement Program. There are specific conditions with these funds, including the exclusion of Dover due to its receipt of $579,569 in settlement funds that were not rescinded.

So the Republicans are trying to get the money allocated to fighting Delaware’s drug problem.

HB356-cause Delaware needs new license plates

Now we have a license plate warning other drivers to pay attention.


I’ve never seen a state with as many license plates as Delaware. I think I saw one for members of the KKK the other day.

This bill creates a special license plate urging motorists not to use electronic devices and drive. Having these plates visible on Delaware’s roadways will help raise public awareness and encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road, not on their phones.

HB357-more gun laws

Now I don’t suppose it’s a good idea to have people delivering destructive weapons to Delaware but they didn’t think maybe the police department, perhaps the state National Guard, might need said weapons?

Whatever….I just don’t like gun laws. They make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Importers, manufacturers and dealers of “destructive weapons” are licensed and regulated under Federal law. Under existing Delaware law, importers, manufacturers and dealers of destructive weapons are not permitted to deliver them to purchasers in Delaware who are otherwise permitted to own such weapons, such as military or police forces. This Bill will permit properly licensed importers, manufacturers and dealers to possess and store destructive weapons in this State and engage in activities associated with the sale and delivery of such weapons to (or from) qualified purchasers.
All other changes made by this Act are technical corrections to conform the existing law to the guidelines of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Part 2 of the Delaware legislature activity, to include the new Golden Retriever law.

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