A Delawarean of Some Note is Interviewed. We Meet Frank Shade, Candidate for 3rd Sussex county councilmatic district.

He’s friendly, smart, involved and Sussex county can thank him for fixing one big recent problem coming up this Fall. We’ll get a Republican in that 3rd Sussex county district and it might be Frank Shade

It’s the council district being vacated by Joan Deaver and there are quite a few contenders to fill her position.  Frank Shade is one of them.

delinterview5.10.16frankshadeFrank is happily married, and has been for almost 28 years. He has a daughter and two grandchildren, one of which is autistic. This is important because Frank is currently very involved with Autism Delaware, even now that he’s retired and should be taking it easy.

Shade has an extensive education and, intriguingly, he has a diverse and varied employment record to accent his many years of college undertaken to improve his career at the time.

Frank has been in Delaware since 1990. Before that he lived in Virginia, served in the navy, and was a DJ and entertainer for many years. He became a paramedic and when he moved her to Sussex county he also served in that position, moving up the ranks until he became county fleet manager. Shade remembers ordering that first bookmobile in Sussex county and how complicated they were.

“I am very active in my community,” Shade replied to my question as to why he wanted to run for county council. “And I have a real problem with so much control given to people who don’t even live here.”

Frank went on to explain that while so much of the county is semi-rural, the Sussex county coastal area is a whole different ball of wax.

One of the things I was mesmerized with during our conversation was Frank’s involvement with the Punkin’ Chunkin’ festival.


I was spellbound as Shade described the effort involved in bringing this event back to Sussex county after its shutdown due to an accident two years ago, and an attempt to move the event to Dover.

Let’s just say it was necessary to purchase a whole lot of liability insurance as the lawyers in Delaware were having none of any kind of cap on non-injurious claims. Add some safer pumpkin retrieval vehicles and we have Punkiin Chunkin’ coming back to Sussex county. Bring them in the west, flip some pumpkins, then send them east to the ocean.

Frank knows he has a lot of competition in this race, right now to include I G Burton, Kevin Burdette, and Mark Schaeffer. Somewhere there’s got to be a Democrat running.

Frank loves to declare that he is not a politician, that he’s a resident of Sussex county, that he wants the best for where he lives.

Asked about the Overbrook Town Center, Frank declares that he thinks the recent proposal did not adequately discuss the infrastructure issues.

“I’m a big believer in property rights, believe me,” Frank said. “But while the guy owning a big farm has a right to sell as he sees fit, so too do the people living all around that property have a right to live and pursue their happiness unhinged by others.”

If I had to sum up Frank Shade I’d firmly say that he is a person with a big generous smile, a genuinely friendly person whose company I enjoyed for a full hour and a half and it seemed like five minutes.

Enjoyed the visit and hope to see more of Frank Shade.

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