Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 5/13/16 Edition

So guess who’s running for Sussex councilman Sam Wilson’s job? Also, smirk, the mighty robbers of the Rehoboth Giant market.

That Crazy Murder in Wilmington

There’s something really bad about this story but for now we must accept the spoon-fed fiction fed to the public by investigators.


The scuttlebutt is that there was a fight and two girls rammed the dead girl’s head on the bathroom sink.

The girl died from a heart attack, allegedly, from a heart condition that previously existed.

As of this writing charges were made of manslaughter, which is, at least, what they should have been charged with.

Even at that, there’s something really not right about this story. I wonder if we will ever know the story.


Results of a Wilmington Police investigation into a high school restroom fight that left a 16-year-old girl dead have been turned over to state prosecutors, who will decide whether criminal charges should be filed.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Dennis Williams confirmed that findings of the police investigation into the death of Amy Joyner-Francis were submitted to the attorney general’s office Thursday.

A spokesman for Attorney General Matt Denn thanked Wilmington detectives for their work and said prosecutors would make a prompt charging determination in the case.

Joyner-Francis died April 21 after a fight in a restroom at Howard High School of Technology that involved several female students.

Three students were suspended after the incident.

Rep. Steve Smyk on the “Jake Brake” law.

I am a little disappointed in the vote by mine elected Representative, Steve Smyk, on that 30 day wait for gun background checks.

THAT I consider overkill. And so do a lot of Delawareans as I am to understand.

I did report, on my weekly legislative updates, on this “jake brake” bill but I was ignorant and full of tongue in cheek.

Rep. Smyk, see below, makes a reasonable argument about legislative overkill.

“This bill, and my objections to it are going to come off as obscure to most people,” said Rep. Smyk, who was involved in the regulation of commercial vehicles during his career with the Delaware State Police. “However, this proposal represents a potentially significant change for those holding Commercial Driving Licenses (CDL) and their employers.”

Rep. Smyk said he understands the bill is the work of a small group of well-intentioned legislators that are just trying to serve their constituents. “I am not finding fault with my colleagues — my problem is with the proposal. It’s overkill. We shouldn’t be making a significant change like this to deal with a local annoyance. It opens the door to future casual tinkering with our state traffic laws that should have public safety as their focus.”

Under a law enacted in 2008, exhaust brakes are already prohibited from being used in Delaware. “There’s also a 2005 law that levies a fine of $500 for anyone operating an exhaust brake that is not properly muffled,” Rep. Smyk said. “Combined, these offenses already carry a maximum penalty of more than $600. Why are we seeking to create a new statewide law, when targeted enforcement of the existing statutes in the problem areas would quickly curtail the nuisance?”

Now I wonder when Smyk will admit that 30 day wait is an abuse of the second ammendment.

Local Bonnie and Clyde barred from Giant Grocery
I cam across this story and had to laugh. Although I do understand that the folks at the Giant store where I often shop.

What a dumb thing to do and note that woman’s happy smile.

From WBOC.com:

Troopers said the investigation revealed the couple had been entering the store on an almost daily basis since the beginning of February and would conceal items such as meats, hygiene products, and other grocery items, on themselves, but would pay for other items in their cart at the checkout counter before leaving the store.
The loss prevention officers had been conducting surveillance on the duo and were able to take them into custody without incident on Sunday afternoon, according to police. The total amount shoplifted over the course of the three months was more than $790, investigators said.

David and Diana Sankey were each charged with 83 counts of shoplifting under $1,500.00 and 83 counts of third-degree conspiracy.  They were both released on $16,600 unsecured bond and ordered to have no contact with any Giant Food store.

Brady not in the grave yet and already they’re going after his job.

The mayor of Ellendale wants to be Sussex County’s next Clerk of the Peace.

Norman “Jay” Jones officially filed his paperwork at the Department of Elections in Georgetown last week.
The Ellendale mayor was elected to the town’s top spot in 2014; prior to that, he was elected as a Councilman in 2010. Jones currently works in the private sector in the Industrial 1st Aid and Safety Products Industry.

The current Clerk of the Peace will be out of that position by the end of this year. John Brady will be working in the Recorder of Wills office on behalf of Delaware’s chancery court.

His seat isn’t even cold and they’re going after his job.
SURPRISE! Dave Wilson wants Recorder of Wills NOT an elected position.

Below is from Judson Bennett’s political email:

Frankly, I am disappointed in Representative Dave Wilson for supporting this bill, especially since he once held the office himself. Seems hypocritical to me and possibly self- serving? The 35th district will drop him like a hot potato if this bill passes and that is an astute observation from this old Delaware political war horse. The local drums are beating and hundreds of e-mails are coming into my network. Dave, you had better listen to your constituents or someone else will have your job-take it to the bank! Look what happened to former Senator Joe Booth over something a lot less significant than this? The last thing that should happen is for the County Register of Wills offices to be turned over to the Court of Chancery to pick one person to handle it all in one centralized office-probably located in Dover instead of Georgetown. This would mean a significant drive from either upstate if you live in New Castle County or from downstate if you live in Sussex County. Senator Margaret Rose Henry, you are being conned by the Chancery Court to sponsor this bill. Local county residents will be lost in the centralized shuffle with the caring and personal consideration they once had gone forever! It is a bad bill and comes from a Chancellor who obviously disrespects our democratic process. I urge the citizens of Delaware to contact your legislators and tell them to vote “NO” on this controversial and problematic attempt at eliminating our important democratic traditions. Please see the article below !

Below a synopsis of this bill that NOBODY but Rep. Dave Wilson wants.

And HE didn’t want it when he was involved with Sussex county’s Register of Wills and when he endorsed a Democrat.

Bill would eliminate elected register of wills offices

DOVER — Legislation introduced last week would eliminate the offices of the registers of wills, moving them under the umbrella of the Court of Chancery. While residents of each county currently elect a register for their county, the bill would change the Delaware Constitution, creating one unified register of wills office under the judiciary.

The idea for the bill comes largely from the Court of Chancery, which handles many disputes related to wills, meaning work is often duplicated by the county register and the court.

The three registers of wills each have a register’s court, which can handle disputes and transfer them to the Court of Chancery if need be. Should the legislation pass, one register, appointed by the chancellor, would hold office statewide, with staff in each county.

Carper and Garland Meet

delpoli5.12.16carperandmerrickBut of course even though the Senate Majority Leader said the Supreme court vacancy will not be addressed by THIS senate session.

The Obama administration called up Markell and demands that they make Delaware a sanctuary state. Or perhaps make background gun checks take up to 30 days…up from THREE. OR, I dunno, maybe demand a photo op of Delaware’s Senator with a Supreme court nominee.

Because Delaware is owned by the Democrats.

And that is a sad fact.

Speaking of Sanctuary States

It’s like no matter how much America keeps saying stop mucking up the immigration laws.

Silly us, we want them to get a system and stick to it. When Reagan was President we granted a large block of illegal immigrants amnesty and were told it would never happen again.

Here’s the big surprise….POLITICIANS LIE!

So Sen. Bryan Townsend, a pathetic fellow, somehow took the bait and introduced a bill to make Delaware a sanctuarydelpoli5.12.16bryantownsend state.

What the go-to-hell was he thinking?

Oh, right….somebody from the Obama administration called Markell. Markell called Schwartzkopf or other Democratic leader and demands that somebody introduce the bill.

Bryan Townsend, who is evidently NOT very smart….vote him out of there people, probably figured he’d gain some glory for helping the President.

Next thing Townsend knew it’s on Fox News and the Washington Post, Delawareans, via social media, are NOT amused.

Oh sure, he pulled the bill from a floor vote but never mind, let the people react!

New Delaware Growth….IN KENT COUNTY

delpoli5.13.16billstricklandNOT in Sussex county where you got to get the Pope’s permission to turn a decaying church into a micro-brewery. Not to mention any kind of mall.

From Delawarestatenews

Known as the DE Turf Sports Complex, the state-of-the-art facility next to Del. 1 in south Frederica will include 12 synthetic surface fields designed to draw large-scale youth soccer, lacrosse and field hockey tournaments full of out-of-state teams ready to spend money as part of the sports tourism industry.
The mood was light and upbeat as several dozen supporters attended a ceremony that was years in the making due to various delays and setbacks eventually overcome thanks to a tenacious approach by project backers headed by Bill Strickland, Shelly Cecchett and Gregg Moore of the Greater Kent Committee.

Sam Wilson Watch Out!

So Lisa Hudson Briggs is running for Sussex county council to replace incumbent Sam Wilson

I sat next to her the entire morning of the Delaware Republican executive meeting in Dewey Beach recently.

Goodness she’s a lovely lady, lot of class, and I guess she knew better than to tell a blabbermouth Blogger anything.

I hope to get an interview with Lisa, who is, as I understand, Ruth Briggs-King’s sister-in-law.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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