How I Saw Trump in 2008

I was writing reviews of the Celebrity Apprentice, a competitive reality show that I like and often write about. Some of the things I said about Trump are very interesting. And some great pictures!

1/2008-The Apprentice turns to Celebrity Apprentice

Frankly yon ladies and gems, the whole thing is not at all clear. And based on the premiere show on Thursday, 1/3/08, I’m not convinced this format is going to work.

Donald Trump is one of the vainest, dumbest, shallowest people on this planet. His hair has long ago taken a life of its own and no, I’d never “do” Donald even if he’d have me. I really love it when allegedly intelligent people sit down with this name-dropping, egotistical wormbat and allow him to wax on about political matters, matters that should not bother The Donald and his fantabulous hair. How is he any expert on foreign policy?

In fact, lest yon reader question my intelligence who would watch this man she so dislikes, it’s because I like to smirk. Donald Trump makes me smirk.

Some interesting pictures

 photo fbfr11.12.16melaniaandbarron_zpsrq0mfciu.jpg

 photo fbfr11.12.16omarosa1_zpsuggzoole.jpg


Donald Trump Has the Thinnest Lips of Any Man on the Planet

So the above observation has not much to do with anything except it’s the truth. And Ivanka has the exact same lips.

Donald Trump a virgin?

At one point I wanted to slap Donald Trump silly. Come on! It was obvious from the picture that this was a couple fooling around in bed, both naked, both happy and sharing a smile and some playfulness. I could almost hear the guy saying “You look so good I could eat you,” as he pretended to take a bite of her shoulder. Alt, in her role as the woman as lover, was laughing happily so it’s not like she was in pain from her husband’s “bite”.

Goodness we know Trump is a virgin fellow and I don’t know, maybe he’s never playfully bitten a woman’s shoulder (or any other female part). Maybe when Trump nibbles on a female bed partner he really bites her or something. Because the man carried on like a fool over nothing.

Last post Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald Trump began with a very successful reality series called The Apprentice. Once the thrill of that wore out Trump introduced The Celebrity Apprentice and this has been very successful as well.

Trump summarized.

I do think The Donald seems to make a career out of the boardroom time, but Donald Trump never met a camera he did not like.

On Miss Universe and The Donald.

Heh. Donald Trump, aka “The Donald”, can find publicity without even searching all that much. For if he isn’t fighting very publicly with Rosie O’Donnell then his Miss USA is partying whilst high on cocaine and requires his forgiveness. Now we have Miss USA 2007 falling all over the place on national television and in front of a very unfriendly Mexican audience.

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