About Pat Fish

I am Pat Fish, a social media savant, either Blogging, Facebooking, commenting or posting.

The School of Fish is a political blog.  I am a Conservative Republican living in Delaware so there’s lots of Delaware stuff there as well.

Clarion Call is a book I am working on involving a sudden nationwide blackout and how the country copes.  It’s riveting and the backdoor story here is that I began posting the chapters to this book, just going along, when suddenly I noticed 800+ people were reading this book even as I wrote it!  And while I should have been flattered, I got scared.  The book does involve a takeover by the citizens of the darkened America and I was afraid Lois Lerner would find out and raise my taxes to a million dollars a year.

Puppies, Kittens, Laughter and Love satisfies my occasional need to write some funny fiction.  It’s mostly for women, I suppose.  We have a Creative Writing teacher (which I once was) asking for short stories that involve one of the title words, the more the better.

The Pat Fish blog is a compilation of my movie reviews, TV shows, cooking commentary….whatever strikes my writing fancy for the day.

Soon we will have another Blog that will tell the story of the horror of Factitious Disorder, formerly known as Munchausen syndrome.

The old saying of wisdom is to dance like nobody’s watching.  So I shall write as if nobody’s reading and, very often, they are not.  BUT….very often, they ARE.
All of the Blogs are listed on the right sidebar with newer posts at the top as they are posted.
email patfish1@aol.com for more information.


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